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The Seven Deadly Sins of Dashboard Design - and Why They Should be Avoided

We review the "Seven Deadly Sins of Dashboard Design" - and why they should be avoided.

Top 7 Things to Consider When Choosing a BI Tool

Top 7 things to consider when choosing your Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics tool

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With Dundas BI now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, it is easier than ever to download, deploy, and get started.


7 Key Trends in Business Intelligence (BI) for 2015

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How Upgrading Your Reporting Will Make You More Efficient in the Workplace

Learn about the benefits upgrading your reporting can have - including increased efficiency

How to Select the Proper KPI (Part 2)

Continuing from where we left off, in part 2 we dive into how to choose and validate your KPIs from your critical success factors....

How to Select the Proper KPI (Part 1)

Relying on the proper metrics in your business is what will give you company long-term success.<...

What is Big Data?

Big Data - what it is and what it means to your business

Result Metrics vs. Performance Metrics:

Should companies rely more on results metrics (the apple) or performance metrics (the recipe) when it comes to improving company a...

Data Viz 101: 6 Types of Charts, Graphs, and Lines

 Sparklines, bullet graphs, linear gauges, and more. What are they, and how can they help your dashboard?

Data Viz 101: 4 Ways a Dashboard Helps Your Business

What is a dashboard and how does it help your business?

Data Viz 101: What is Data Visualization?

Whether or not you are familiar with the term, you've undoubtedly benefited from it in some form or another. But what are data vis...

Business Analytics and Hollywood: A Match Made in Heaven?

Gary Cokins discusses the connection between business analytics and Hollywood Oscar nominations of 2013

Olympic Data Visualization Mistakes

A look at how a data visualization of the Olympic rings could be enhanced by utilizing more best practices

Graphing Out Loud vol. 1

Data visualizations and the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Save Yourself from Dashboard Disaster: Ask These Questions

Questions people should ask themselves before publishing a dashboard / making one public.

Dashboard Lingo For Newcomers

If you’re new to dashboards there may be a lot of jargon and acronyms that you’re not overly familiar with. This post will cover s...

Mapping Dashboards to Objectives

Dashboard solutions allow an organization to visualize and monitor their data in a meaningful manner, while enabling them to make ...

Gauges: The Black Sheep of Data Visualization

Gauges are a widely used data visualization option, but are they a good option to use? 

50 Shades of Grey? The Use of Shades in Dashboards.

The use of color and in particular, shades of color, in dashboards.

In Praise of Connected Scatter Plots

Hans Rosling's presentation in the BBC documentary - The Joy of Stats.

A World Filled With Data Visualization

A World Filled With Data Visualization

Data Visualization is everywhere. It has become a staple for every department in every type of business. Whether you’re a CEO look...

Becoming a BI PI

Becoming a BI PI

In order to ensure that a business intelligence (BI) project is successful, you need to understand who it is that will be consumin...

A Little Something About Pie Charts

Pie charts are fascinating circles of controversies; users love them and experts like Stephen Few, despise them. 

So What Exactly Is A Dashboard?

So What Exactly Is A Dashboard?

A high-level overview of dashboards for those new to business intelligence, data visualization, and dashboards.


Circle Circle Dot Dot... What Some Dashboards Should Have Not

Humanity is addicted to circles. Understandably so, as circles are everywhere; in our vehicles, our food, even our faces. It’s no ...

Walk A Mile In A Designer's Shoes

Walk A Mile In A Designer's Shoes

You know when people ask you what you would be doing with your life if you didn’t become a doctor or a lawyer or a software develo...

The Perils of Big Data

Companies need to understand how important it is to get their data strategy right as early as possible. Get it right early on and ...

Why Data Visualization Matters

Explore the power data visualization has to uncover information in your data