Customer Stories

Since 1992, Dundas has been creating custom data visualization solutions for both Fortune 500 companies and startups all over the world. Our customers work in a wide range of verticals and rely on our BI, data visualization, and dashboard expertise to produce solutions that exceed their specific needs.

  • Yulista [Aerospace | Success Story]

    Yulista [Aerospace | Success Story]

    How Yulista Slashed Their Budgeting Time from 2 Weeks to 2 Hours

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  • E-Tabs [Market Research | Success Story]

    E-Tabs [Market Research | Success Story]

    How E-Tabs Partnered with Dundas to Create Highly Engaging, Customized Reporting Experiences

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  • Viamedia [Advertising | Success Story]

    Viamedia [Advertising | Success Story]

    How Viamedia Transformed Their Way of Managing a Distributed Sales Team

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  • SAVYVA [Finance | Success Story]

    SAVYVA [Finance | Success Story]

    Build vs. Buy: How SAVYVA Created Their Brand New Analytics Application by Customizing Dundas BI

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  • Rental One [Retail | Success Story]

    Rental One [Retail | Success Story]

    How Rental One Replaced Complex Excel-Based Processes with Robust Analytics

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  • Devon Partnership NHS Trust [Healthcare | Success Story]

    Devon Partnership NHS Trust [Healthcare | Success Story]

    How Devon Partnership NHS Trust Streamlined Reporting Processes to Maximize Top-Down Performance

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  • Absorb Software [Education | Success Story]

    Absorb Software [Education | Success Story]

    How Absorb Software Embedded Dundas BI to Provide Superior Analytics in a Multi-Tenant Environment

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  • Center6 [Construction | Success Story]

    Center6 [Construction | Success Story]

    How Center6 Empowers their Customers with White Labeled Dundas BI Analytics

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  • Medidata [Government | Success Story]

    Medidata [Government | Success Story]

    How Medidata Accelerated the Time-to-Market of their BI Projects and Enabled their Clients to take Data-Driven Actions

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  • InfoCloud [Software | Success Story]

    InfoCloud [Software | Success Story]

    How InfoCloud Maximized Business Growth Potential While Reducing Operational Costs

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  • Boeing [Aviation | Success Story]

    Boeing [Aviation | Success Story]

    How Boeing Reduced Operational Deficiencies by Enhancing Data Visibility

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  • IT Weapons [Software | Success Story]

    IT Weapons [Software | Success Story]

    How IT Weapons Differentiates its Services Using Visual Data Analytics

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  • Family HealthCare Network [Healthcare | Success Story]

    Family HealthCare Network [Healthcare | Success Story]

    How Family HealthCare Network Improved Data Accessibility & Enhanced Operational Performance

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  • Siemens [Manufacturing | Success Story]

    Siemens [Manufacturing | Success Story]

    How Siemens Drastically Reduced Cost with Managed BI Applications

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