9/10 companies are not satisfied by their reporting capabilities and processes. They lack the ability to quickly create accurate and beautiful visualizations that tell the true story of their data, and are unable to share them within the organization or with customers. As a result, they’re being forced to work the way the reporting tool dictates, not the way they want or need to.

Are you suffering from the following Business Intelligence limitations?

Cannot Meet Specified Design
Require Too Many Tools
Common Actions Too Complex
Unreliable Manual Processes
"My reporting tool couldn’t translate my vision into the professional dashboard I wanted – now I can’t share it with my customers or even my managers"
"This will take some time - I can’t manipulate the data in here, I have to use a different tool for that"

“I can’t afford to learn and maintain another tool”
"I’m waiting for my IT admin to setup a scheduled email for this report – this system is too complex for me to use"
"Sorry, this isn’t the right number - I made a mistake when I copied this data into Excel"
Laptop showcasing Dundas BI dashboard

At Dundas, we think differently

We know that true BI success isn’t achieved by simply providing generic, cookie-cutter tools. The reality is, effective BI requires a shared vision and collaboration between business and technical users. It’s about more than just analysts exploring your data – it's about business people being empowered to act on it. That is why we’re focused on perfecting how you interact with and visualize your data and are proud to be ranked first for Visual Design Standards by the world's largest BI survey. For over two decades we have led innovation in data visualization and have helped organizations step up their BI game. We provide a personal experience – from our product right through to how we support it. We empower people with the right capabilities to personalize the BI experience as desired. It's about opening the door to endless possibilities – and removing all boundaries. We believe in a BI experience that is designed exactly for data-driven people.

Laptop showcasing Dundas BI dashboard

Agile. Beautiful. Different.

Our BI tool automates the entire reporting process – to your exact needs – and turns your data into stunning, interactive visualizations for better, fact-based decisions.

We automatically adapt the user experience to your skills, whether you are a consumer or an advanced developer, and allow you to personalize it unlike anything else. You have ultimate control over your entire BI process so you can easily customize it to the unique preferences and needs of your team. You’re only limited by your imagination.

This is how we’re different

Better Analysis

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Personal User Experience

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Client Enablement

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100% Web-Based

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One Modern Platform

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Embedded Analytics

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Dundas BI combines the best of both 'IT-Led' and 'Business Self-Service'

The depth of our capabilities is a clear advantage over other vendors whose products are restrictive and one-dimensional.
This allows us to offer the agility you require to move fast while eliminating any roadblocks standing in your way.

Dundas BI combines the best of both IT-Led and Business Self-Service

But don’t take our word for it – see what our customers have to say about us