Best Practices & How-To's

Exploring The Total Cost Of Ownership Of Business Intelligence

If you're looking to take your first step into the world of business intelligence (BI), you're probably interested in knowing what it costs.

Improve Your Data Performance With In-Memory Storage (How You Can Harness Lightning!)

Building an In-Memory Data Cube in Dundas BI can significantly increase your data performance.

How to Use Interactions to Make Your Dashboards...Interactive

Use Dundas BI to create interactive dashboards using several techniques available to you!

How to Aid Data Discovery with Data Flow

Data flow is the ability to visualize existing relationships or add your own relationships between tables in your data. 

A Simple Way to Calculate the ROI of Business Intelligence

How do Business Intelligence activities lead to a Return on Investment (ROI)? Struggling to justify the implementation and software costs of a Business Intelligence solution?

How to Save Time on Design with Themes and Styles

Save time by learning the ins-and-outs of applying pre-built styles (or your own styles you've created) to your dashboards in Dundas BI.

Leverage Outlier Analysis in Dundas BI to Increase Data Accuracy

Outliers can cause serious problems when analyzing data. Leverage interquartile range computations in Dundas BI to help you work with outliers by either hiding or removing them.

Installing Dundas BI on Linux

This video will walk you through the process of setting up and installing Dundas BI on Linux! This is a great resource for helping you understand the architecture and why various options exist.

How to Create a Dashboard that Analyzes Data in Real-Time

Why is real-time data important and what does it mean in the context of Business Intelligence? In this video, we answer those questions and look at how to implement real-time data in Dundas BI.

Use Data Brushing for Greater Insights

Using a feature in Dundas BI called ‘Brushing’, we can quickly highlight related information for analysis. Let's examine how to implement it on your dashboards.

Exploring Scheduled Reports

Use Scheduled Reports to increase the number of people who are using your business intelligence solution and instill a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Adding Writeback Capabilities to your Dashboard

Data input and writeback is something fairly unique to Dundas BI. What really sets Dundas BI apart, is just how easy it is to implement your own custom data input features into a dashboard or report.

Quick Tip: How to Measure Data that is Wildly Different

Dundas BI offers many techniques that can help you better understand your data. Regardless of how wildly different it might be

How to Create Custom Tokens in Dundas BI

Users no longer have to wait until the end of the month (quarter, year, etc.) to crunch numbers and pull reports. This video explores custom tokens in Dundas BI and how users can build their own.

Best Practices for Development Architecture in Business Intelligence

Proper development methodology is critical to enterprise business intelligence projects. This video discusses the importance of N-Tier Architecture and covers best practices when developing BI content

Use Row-Level Security to Filter Data by User

This video defines user-based/row-level security and examines how user-based security can be applied in a real-world scenario. Plus, we walk you through how to set it up in Dundas BI.

Use Your Dashboards to Tell a Story

When someone says, “business intelligence”, what usually comes to mind are dashboards and reports. But did you know that you can use business intelligence tools to tell stories and give presentations?

Adding Weather Data to Dundas BI is a Breeze - PART 1

Do you need to pull in web-based data into your BI system? In this video, we’ll start by showing you how you can get any web-based data (such as weather data) into a BI system like Dundas BI

How to Effectively Use Color in Dashboards

How to use color to highlight what's important on your dashboard, some best practices for the use of color, plus a few other helpful tips.

Use Tokens to make your Dashboards Smart

Explore the vast customization of Tokens in Dundas BI, along with some advanced customization and scripting options.

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