Don’t Settle For Basic BI – Tailor It To Match Your Exact Needs

With Dundas BI 5, we took the full 360 degree data control delivered in Dundas BI 4, and brought it to a completely new level. With innovative avenues to analyze data using advanced visual analytics, new built-in integrations and a superior user experience, the path to getting answers just got a whole lot shorter. New to Dundas BI? You may want to start here.

Getting more answers to your questions just got easier with new interactions and visualizations designed to eliminate the need to spend more time preparing data for every question.

New Forecasting and Clustering Options

Boost your predictive analytics with new forecasting models that capture the evolving trend or seasonality of your data to predict the future and new clustering functions to classify new data

Tree and Chord Diagrams

Visualize your hierarchical data breakdowns (i.e. org charts) and inter-relationships between categorical items using new explicit visuals

On-the-fly Dimensions Grouping

Point and click to create custom category groups or group based on thresholds all without going back and changing data models

New Data Point Selection Actions

Use new built-in filter actions or define your own custom data selection actions to provide users with advanced point and click interactivity

Heat Maps

Visualize the density of locations/events within a dataset and focus quickly on the geographical areas that matter most

We took the time to tackle complex integrations, so deploying Dundas BI seamlessly within your overall technology stack is a simple matter of tweaking a few settings.

Python in Dundas BI

Run your own Python script within Dundas BI and have Python’s best machine-learning (AI) libraries analyze your data, while Dundas BI visualizes it

Incremental Data Storage

Reduce the data processing load on your data sources and only query for newly-added data to maximize performance for stored data

Maps Integration

A new map selector to easily choose your preferred map provider such as OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, ArcGIS and Mapbox to best visualize geo data

JDBC Connector

Connect to any data source that supports access via a JDBC driver. For example, use this connector to access data stored on AWS S3 using Amazon Athena

PostgreSQL Deployment

Reduce your total cost of ownership by deploying Dundas BI using the most popular open source database in the world

Whether you are a data consumer, an analyst, a developer or an administrator – with Dundas BI 5 you will enjoy faster ways to access the key data you need in the way you need it.

New Homepage

Get to your dashboards and reports much faster with a new design and search that helps you navigate around existing data content with ease

New Admin Central View

Admin user one stop shop for key enterprise administration information including jobs status, current application/server usage and critical logs

Key Data Stats During Data Prep

Understand the impact of any data transformation you apply during data prep using key stats to validate and create data models faster

User Access to Past Exports

Gain access to all your previously created exports for historical comparisons and greater efficiency

Greater User Experiences Customization

Set specific user privileges not only at the application but also at the dashboard or visualization level to easily tailor a unique UX