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Must-Have Features for Successful Embedded BI Projects

When it comes to using a Business Intelligence (BI) platform, typically, a company will fall into one of two scenarios regarding the usage of these platforms.

The ROI of BI: How Will BI Pay for Itself?

The ROI of BI: How Will BI Pay for Itself?

It's time to stop thinking about Business Intelligence as a cost, rather than a way to save or make money. 

Business Intelligence Requirements Gathering: What to do Before Building Dashboards

To make your BI project a real success, comprehensive requirements gathering is the first and the most important step of the journey.

The Problem With RAINBOW Line Charts: A Dashboard Tip

Finding an alternative to simply jamming too many series onto a single chart.

Looking for Business Intelligence? Important Questions to Ask Potential Vendors

When you evaluate a BI tool, you need to ensure the tool you choose will evolve with your requirements.

Why You Need To Start Using Cycle Plots In Your BI Projects

Cycle plots are an elegant visualization very few people have heard of but especially useful to understand data trends across individual segments. 

Self-Service Analytics Dashboards: A Performance Feature You Must Have

Self-Service dashboards give users the freedom to explore enterprise datasets to make actionable decisions with minimal to no IT support.

Exploring The Total Cost Of Ownership Of Business Intelligence

If you're looking to take your first step into the world of business intelligence (BI), you're probably interested in knowing what it costs.

Improve Your Data Performance With In-Memory Storage (How You Can Harness Lightning!)

Building an In-Memory Data Cube in Dundas BI can significantly increase your data performance.

On-The-Fly Data Modeling With Dundas BI

Data modeling is the tasks/activities required to prepare data before it can be used for reporting and business intelligence activities.

Enterprise-Level Security Basics in Dundas BI

In this video, we cover some of the many ways that Dundas BI can be customized to allow for genuinely enterprise-level security.

How To Embed Dundas BI In A Third-Party Web Page

Embedded Business Intelligence is the integration of reports, dashboards, and even self-service content inside an application. Learn how to embed Dundas BI in a third-party web page.

What Can You Do With The Map In Dundas BI?

The map control/data visualization in Dundas BI is so extensive that it could very well be a product onto itself.

A Beginners Guide to Multitenancy in Dundas BI

Learn the basics and benefits of multitenancy in Dundas BI

How to Aid Data Discovery with Data Flow

Data flow is the ability to visualize existing relationships or add your own relationships between tables in your data. 

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Aggregators

Every Business Intelligence and Data Analytics tool uses the idea of aggregation when expressing data in visualizations, and it's a concept you need to understand in order to use them.

Parameters Demystified

Filters are amazing because they allow both content creators and users to have some control over what they are seeing on dashboards. Let’s dive into how parameters work and how to utilize them.

A Guide to Data Preparation in Dundas BI

In this video, we will talk about some of the different types of ETL problems that can be solved with the Dundas BI Data Cube layer in the context of Data Preparation.

The Only Thing You Need to Know About Trees and Tree Maps

In Data Visualization, treemapping is a great method to allow for the visualization of hierarchical data using rectangles. Let's explore what the treemap can do and how to build one using Dundas BI

Multi Language Support with Dundas BI

Localization is the ability to adapt to various languages and cultural formatting requirements in software. We look at how this applies to Business Intelligence and Dundas BI specifically.

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