customer service image Customer Service

Visualizing customer service data in the right way can bring enormous value to your company. Dundas BI dashboards will penetrate to the root causes for service calls such as simpler pricing and billing, better point-of-sale practices, and more powerful self-service tools. With Dundas you have the ability to harmonize data from disparate locations and gather the insights that can be used to create valuable customer service solutions.

Call Center Performance

A wall screen with a real-time Dundas BI can be posted in your customer service department to monitor performance metrics such as wait time, callers in queue, number of available reps, customer satisfaction, and other information that helps service staff and management to see where they are and where they want to be.

More Engaged Service Staff

To create a positive work environment, you need to go beyond the call performance metrics. Track career goals, training hours, rewards, work-life balance, and opinion gathering metrics for each of your employees to keep them engaged and stress-free. Dashboards provide management with the insights to improve staff attendance, lower attrition and re-training costs, and create better customer interactions.

Reduce Support Costs

Every time you interact with a customer, you learn something new. Organizations that record and analyze this information have a powerful edge over those that don't. For example, analysis of call center data can answer interesting questions such as "What problems are customers calling about, and how do these problems affect customer retention, referrals, and support costs?" Dundas BI includes powerful OLAP analytics to help you explore your business data and discover these insights for yourself.

Customer Loyalty

A recent survey of cellular customers showed that when buying a product or service, consumers are less concerned about cost than they are about quality and value of service. Analysis of customer surveys, purchasing patterns, price vs. profit analysis, and call center data can help identify opportunities for low-cost or no-cost customer retention initiatives – so you can retain and attract customers without slashing profits.

Social Media Applications

Social media allows organizations to connect with customers in new and exciting ways. Our mobile-friendly dashboards can be hosted on a public website and tweeted, blogged or shared with the world – increasing customer engagement. Customer-centric organizations that provide support through social media as well as traditional phone and computer systems can use the flexibility of our dashboard software to track customer service metrics from one convenient location.

executive image Executive

As an executive, you need to have your finger on the pulse of your business. Dundas BI dashboards help you take that pulse, bringing you up-to-date information across a wide variety of KPIs and operational data. You can quickly filter, drill-down, sort and browse your data to get to the bottom of issues and make better decisions. With our powerful mobile apps, your business travels with you – providing important data in business meetings and keeping you informed even when you're out of the office.

Balanced Scorecard

A balanced scorecard is one of the many ways that Dundas can help align your business. Managers are measured using a consistent set of enterprise-wide metrics that reflect executive vision. Performance results can be used for incentive-based pay to make changes happen more quickly. Dundas provides the technology and services to make your business scorecards deliver measurable ROI.

Fiscal Reporting

Spice up your fiscal reports by delivering them as interactive dashboards. Instead of presenting your executives with a flat set of financial charts, provide them with access to a centralized, web-based data portal where they can choose which business metrics they want to view. Set up your dashboards to link directly into your reporting system, and provide access to powerful analytics with our integrated, easy to use OLAP client.

Marketing & Sales Performance

Our dashboards keep your executive team informed, with specialized dashboards for tracking sales pipelines, monthly forecasts, and by tracking the progress of major marketing projects. Dundas BI is a central web portal that keeps your internal management in the know, because they can log in at any time to check the latest numbers. Dundas BI can also send emails on a schedule to your executive team, providing them with the latest sales and marketing data without requiring them to log in.

finance image Finance

The finance department is one of the most important areas of your business. Organizing and reporting the financial affairs of your organization is a time-intensive task, so it stands to reason that automated reporting tools should be in place to reduce busy-work. Dundas BI connects directly to your financial database, Excel spreadsheets, and CRM, aggregating data and performing calculations automatically to provide access to the latest information without the need to manually generate reports. This frees up your finance team to focus on the things that are really important to your business.

Sales Performance

A dashboard can track sales pipelines and perform automatic calculations to generate accurate monthly forecasts based on custom rules that you define. Dundas BI is a central web portal that provides updated information to your entire management team, so they can log in at any time to check the latest sales performance. Dundas BI can also send emails on a pre-determined schedule so your executive team can see the latest sales data at regular intervals without having to log in.

Fiscal Reporting

Spice up your fiscal reports by delivering them as interactive dashboards. Instead of presenting your executives with a flat set of financial charts, provide them with access to a centralized, web-based data portal where they can choose which business metrics they want to view. Set up your dashboards to link directly into your reporting system, and provide access to powerful analytics with our integrated, easy to use OLAP client.

Risk Analysis

A dashboard can help with understanding and analyzing risk – whether from financial markets, credit markets, or general operations. Our data visualization technology and expertise can help you analyze and predict outcomes using stress testing and What-If computational models to make sure you're well prepared for what the future holds.

human resources image Human Resources

In tough economic times your Human Resources team juggles two seemingly opposite goals: reduce personnel costs now while also retaining the talent pool needed for future growth. How an organization defines specific HR targets and then tracks and reports the results is critically important. Dundas provides data visualization solutions that help you see the big picture and build the kind of coordinated approach your organization needs to succeed. Let us show you how analytic dashboards can help manage costs, create a well-defined compensation system, deliver operational excellence, and enable growth.

Productivity Improvement

Scorecards that collect and analyze employee satisfaction metrics give decision-makers anonymous data that helps identify challenges in the workplace. Trend analysis of these metrics offers insight into how changes in corporate policy and culture affect employees, and can help prevent worker dissatisfaction.

Career Management

Secure Intranet sites let employees visit their own personal dashboards where they track and advance their career growth. Managers can use the dashboard to provide consistent, performance-based compensation to their employees with valuable performance metrics, such as job-specific mandates, executive strategy targets and personal development goals defined during personal development planning (PDP) sessions.

Succession Planning

Every organization has employees who are critical to the smooth operation of the business. Using an analytical quadrant, you can visually identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team by examining experience, length of employment, satisfaction, job role, and peer review scores.

Workforce Management

Analytical dashboards can provide a single view of employee data, such as absences, travel and expenses, overtime, payroll, benefits, stock options, and incentives in a secure, user-authenticated framework. Using this data, managers and HR staff can better negotiate salary and benefits, track expenditures, and more effectively schedule employees.

Leadership Development

Dashboards can make a difference in leadership development programs that train and reward employees. Use them to track manager performance based on the number of hours their employees spend in leadership training and personal development, rewards paid for innovation, and hours spent mentoring.

marketing image Marketing

Tracking the success of marketing programs distinguishes strategies that work from those that simply increase costs. Whether you're trying out a new advertising channel or growing market share, Dundas provides best-practices dashboards to ensure your marketing budget is spent on activities that make sense. Tracking lead quality and volume by campaign and activity can provide fresh evidence to support budget and resource allocation decisions. An expertly designed dashboard can analyze customer needs, market conditions, competition, and global issues to maximize your ROI on future campaigns.

Performance Analysis

Dashboards help you monitor website traffic, cost-per-lead, lead volume, and similar campaign-specific performance metrics to help you see which campaigns are effective. Quantitative analysis on a strategic dashboard enables you to measure the effect that your advertising, newsletters, promotions, and other marketing activities have on the volume and quality of generated leads.

Category Analysis

Category analysis helps you understand the demand, risks, and growth potential for a new product or service. Whether you are launching a new product line, expanding into global markets, or going after a new customer segment, our interactive dashboards can chart your path of least resistance. Maps can help you quickly visualize and analyze regional data to make evidence-based decisions. And dashboards can predict demand based on customer survey data, market conditions, demographics, and other factors.

Competitive Intelligence

Understanding how competitors attract, maintain, and lose customers helps you establish differentiators that drive home your marketing message and increase the ROI and effectiveness of your advertising. Performance dashboards benchmark your performance against industry leaders so you can accurately and effectively measure progress.

Segmentation Analysis

Effective messaging starts with an understanding of who your customers are. Analytical dashboards can connect directly to customer surveys, web traffic and your sales CRM data to gain such insights. Segmentation analysis of your customer base enables you to create highly effective advertising and marketing material. Conjoint analysis, where customers rank the benefits of your product or service in order of importance, can help focus your messaging even further.

sales image Sales

Dundas experts provide your sales team with the tools they need to analyze and interact with their data. Our dashboard solutions can help your sales team keep an eye on performance, see which sales techniques are working, improve customer service and discover new opportunities. A web-based dashboard portal also increases team alignment and collaboration, making it easier to identify complex problems, pass on expertise, and spot new opportunities for growth.

Pipeline Analysis

Sales dashboards can hook directly into your CRM to provide up-to-the-minute pipeline analysis by salesperson and time period, allowing you to predict future sales without any manual calculation. Separating customers into stages according to purchasing decision patterns, and weighting their value and expected purchase date accordingly, can help create consistent, objective, accurate pipeline estimates.

Marketing Communication

Dundas has collaborative tools to get your sales and marketing teams communicating more effectively. Dashboards can track marketing campaigns against sales amounts or inbound leads to help identify which campaigns are working, while embedded messaging tools allow your sales and marketing teams to discuss results directly on the dashboard.

Sales Performance

Dashboards provide sales managers with the tools to not only monitor and evaluate performance on a variety of dimensions, but to understand why your sales are growing in one area and shrinking in another. By analyzing CRM and sales data together, sales activities can be correlated with results.

Understand Customer Needs

Dashboards allow you to quickly and visually analyze customer survey data, market research results, and perform competitive analysis to help you understand where your products and services stand in the market, how acceptable they are to customers, and the opportunities to create better offerings.