Business Intelligence Basics

Why You Need Pixel Perfect Dashboards

Suppose you are looking for flexible BI that offers you the most potential with your Reports and Dashboards. In that case, you need the ability to build pixel-perfect content.

Technical Considerations when Choosing an Embedded Analytics Platform

Let's talk about embedded dashboards. People often come to us with an application and want to add reports and dashboards to that application by embedding Dundas BI directly within it.

What's the Deal with Embedded Analytics?

So, what IS the deal with embedded analytics? Well, in this video I'm going to give you a great definition, and I'm also going to let you know why a lot of people are doing it wrong!

Must-Have Features for Successful Embedded BI Projects

When it comes to using a Business Intelligence (BI) platform, typically, a company will fall into one of two scenarios regarding the usage of these platforms.

The ROI of BI: How Will BI Pay for Itself?

The ROI of BI: How Will BI Pay for Itself?

It's time to stop thinking about Business Intelligence as a cost, rather than a way to save or make money. 

Business Intelligence Requirements Gathering: What to do Before Building Dashboards

To make your BI project a real success, comprehensive requirements gathering is the first and the most important step of the journey.

The Problem With RAINBOW Line Charts: A Dashboard Tip

Finding an alternative to simply jamming too many series onto a single chart.

Looking for Business Intelligence? Important Questions to Ask Potential Vendors

When you evaluate a BI tool, you need to ensure the tool you choose will evolve with your requirements.

Why You Need To Start Using Cycle Plots In Your BI Projects

Cycle plots are an elegant visualization very few people have heard of but especially useful to understand data trends across individual segments. 

Data Source Integration & Dundas BI

"Does your BI tool support _______ data source?" Those interested in Business Intelligence ask us this question all the time.

Why You Need to Pair Data Governance with Self Service

In Business Intelligence, Data Governance is a term used to describe the control you can have over your data when providing it to others. Data Governance defines who is the authority and how users can access data assets.

Why Diagrams Might Be Just What Your Dashboard Is Missing

In Business intelligence, best practices often dictate that simple visualizations are best - Bars, Lines, and Points.

Self-Service Analytics Dashboards: A Performance Feature You Must Have

Self-Service dashboards give users the freedom to explore enterprise datasets to make actionable decisions with minimal to no IT support.

APIs - the Unsung Legends of Dundas BI

Dundas BI is the most extendable BI platform available today - a bold statement. Join us as we tell the story of how the history of Dundas Data Visualization directly leads to this being true.

How to Deploy Dundas BI Using Docker Containers

In this video, our product trainer, Mark, walks you through how to get Dundas BI up and running with Docker.

All About Control Charts

Six Sigma Control Charts are a statistical tool used to determine if a process is in a state of control or not.

The Secrets of Cloud and On-Premise BI You Need to Know

When it comes to Business Intelligence, there are a few methods available today for hosting the software.

A Beginners Guide to Multitenancy in Dundas BI

Learn the basics and benefits of multitenancy in Dundas BI

How Business Intelligence Simplifies Remote Work and Maximizes Performance

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the move to a full 'work from home' environment is a reality for many. Learn how data analytics can help both workers and managers operate remotely without a hitch.

What Is Active And Passive Failover And Why Does It Matter In BI?

You need to consider different backup strategies when it comes to delivering enterprise-quality Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

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