R&D Leadership Team

Our leadership position and technology innovation is driven by a strong management team, with an unwavering commitment to achieving the highest standards of excellence in product quality, service and support.

adrian dobrin

Adrian Dobrin

R&D Director, Data and Analytics

Adrian started with Dundas in July 2008 as a Consultant in Professional Services. He then joined the R&D team to develop Dundas Dashboard. Now as the R&D Director, Data and Analytics, Adrian designs and implements the data functionality and hierarchies in Dundas BI. His expertise in the areas of data, analytics and design of data and his ability to find solutions to complex technical issues make him a leader in this field.

jamie cherwonka

Jamie Cherwonka

R&D Director, Data Visualizations

Jamie joined Dundas in May 2006 as a Support Analyst. He quickly moved to R&D to design the Chart in Dundas Dashboard. Jamie is now the R&D Director, Data Visualizations where he is the lead architect for all data visualizations and the main developer of the Chart. His vast knowledge of visualizations and his ability to innovate enables Jamie to design best practice solutions for customers.

rob siklos

Rob Siklos

R&D Director, Framework and Tools

Rob joined Dundas in February 2008 as a Senior Developer. He then joined the Dundas Dashboard team to help with the product design and implementation of many of the key features. Now as the R&D Director for Framework and Tools, Rob is the lead architect designing server framework and tools related functionality for Dundas BI. Rob is a seasoned architect and business intelligence leader with expertise in best practice design.

terrence sheflin

Terrence Sheflin

R&D Director, UI/UX

Terrence started with Dundas in December 2005 as a Support Engineer. He then joined the R&D team where he designed and developed most of the key functionality related to the viewer for Dundas Dashboard. Now as the R&D Director, UI/UX, Terrence is responsible for the complete user experience and UI for all the functionality within Dundas BI. His ability to envision the complete customer experience leads to an incredibly intuitive user experience for Dundas BI.