What Does a BI Platform Do?

Believe it or not, there are still quite a few businesses that do not own any Business Intelligence (BI) Applications. Companies may not have BI because of a past failed experience, or sometimes they just don't see the benefits.

A Tour of Public Dashboards Created with Dundas BI

There are many ways to implement embedded dashboards, and it's good to understand the breadth of what is available before you dig in and attempt your own implementation.

Can your BI software pull web-based REST data using Python?

The last thing you want in a Business Intelligence tool is a limitation regarding data connectivity.

SaaS-based BI: Building Multi-User Dashboards

There's a common ask when users are looking for multi-tenant Business Intelligence.

Introduction to Python in Dundas BI

When you're looking to have advanced analytics, live web-based data, and generally unlimited customization - having Python in your Business Intelligence software is going to fill this need.

Build vs. Buy in Business Intelligence

Why purchasing an entire Business Intelligence (BI) software suite outright is usually a better option.

Your BI Tool needs Change Management and Version Control

Learn how Dundas BI manages enterprise use through functionality like version control, revision history, and change management in general.

Must-Have Features for Successful Embedded BI Projects

When it comes to using a Business Intelligence (BI) platform, typically, a company will fall into one of two scenarios regarding the usage of these platforms.

What If What If Analysis Wasn't A What If?

What-If Analysis is the idea of changing input values to see the outcome of your data based on given adjustments.

The ROI of BI: How Will BI Pay for Itself?

The ROI of BI: How Will BI Pay for Itself?

It's time to stop thinking about Business Intelligence as a cost, rather than a way to save or make money. 

Predictive Analytics: Capabilities in Dundas BI

Predictive Analytics is an often talked about feature in Business Intelligence.

Predictive Analytics: Debunked

Predictive Analytics is one area of Business Intelligence (BI) that users tend to have very high expectations about.

Storytime: The Switch Dashboard

In this video, I share a concept that we use when putting dashboards up on big-screen TVs around the office.

Business Intelligence Requirements Gathering: What to do Before Building Dashboards

To make your BI project a real success, comprehensive requirements gathering is the first and the most important step of the journey.

The Problem With RAINBOW Line Charts: A Dashboard Tip

Finding an alternative to simply jamming too many series onto a single chart.

Looking for Business Intelligence? Important Questions to Ask Potential Vendors

When you evaluate a BI tool, you need to ensure the tool you choose will evolve with your requirements.

Why You Need To Start Using Cycle Plots In Your BI Projects

Cycle plots are an elegant visualization very few people have heard of but especially useful to understand data trends across individual segments. 

Self-Service Analytics Dashboards: A Performance Feature You Must Have

Self-Service dashboards give users the freedom to explore enterprise datasets to make actionable decisions with minimal to no IT support.

8 New Features In Dundas BI Version 8

Say hello to Dundas BI Version 8, the most powerful, highest performing version of Dundas BI to date.

The 5 Analytics Features You Seriously Want In A Business Intelligence Software

Not every business intelligence software is capable of delivering exactly what you need, and if you’re serious about doing what’s best for your data, then you’ll seriously want to ensure these 5 analytics features are present.

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