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The Power of Dashboards on Wall-Mounted Displays

There’s a reason we display things like clocks and calendars on walls; they need to be visible in order to be properly used.

How often would you check the time if your clock was behind the couch or on the floor? Not often, right? It’d be too inconvenient, too much work (and not to mention ridiculous).

The same goes for dashboards. If your dashboard can only be found on a program on your computer, how often would you really use it? Or would you try to look at it often, but end up forgetting or closing it in favor of a different window? It's not necessarily your fault; when things are out of sight, they're out of mind. But if the dashboard was permanently mounted on a wall, at a central and easily-visible location, that would change things.

What's the point?

The point is, in order to stay on top of your job your KPIs and metrics need to be front and center at all times. A dashboard is a highly effective way to do that, but not if it's hidden. A dashboard can only work if it's visible at all times, which is where wall-mounted displays come in quite handy.

You can close a program, but a wall-mounted display is unavoidable.

People are visual animals, and our visual instincts cause us to pay more attention to the things we see more often. It's something marketing teams across the world have taken advantage of for years. So, the more often people see a dashboard, the more important the information becomes to them, allowing more dashboard performance benefits to come about.

By having your dashboard on a wall-mounted display, you are forcing people to look at, and therefore make use of, the information. It's just logical to take things that need to be seen in order to be properly used (like a clock), and place those things in an area with maximum visibility. After all, you can't tell time if you can't see the clock, so how can you expect to reap the benefits of a dashboard if you aren't using it to it's full potential?

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