Mobile BI Benefits

This is the year of mobile.

Gartner Research Group predicts that 2015 will see a 20% increase in mobile BI users, and that over 50% of mobile BI users will rely exclusively on mobile devices.

They’re also showing a decline in PCs and a rise in mobile devices through to 2017.

It is undeniable that mobility has, and continues to evolve the data landscape, and offers numerous key benefits for organizations including:

On-The-Go Collaboration

In this era of mobility, collaboration tools without mobile access have become obsolete. By taking advantage of the mobile space, BI tools allow for smoother and increased collaboration amongst workers. Collaborating with your peers is no longer reduced to scheduled, in-person, one hour time slots. Mobile BI allows for greater innovation and adoption of collaborating practices by opening it up to all departments, at any time of the day. With improved information-sharing amongst workers, mobile BI gives them the freedom to share their feedback, comments and ideas whenever and wherever they happen. Everyone will have the data and information they need to make real-time decisions, anywhere, anytime.

Today, users expect more functionality on their mobile devices. They don’t want to be limited to just view an image of a dashboard, the want to have complete interactivity with it while on the go

Improved Sales Strategy

Mobile BI impacts sales workers directly and profoundly. These tools allow sales people to see important company data on-the-go (allowing for the improvement or tweaking of sales strategy), collaborate with long-distance colleagues, and keep connected to core business activities and operations. Gartner has said that “mobile devices will have the biggest impact on sales force automation since the laptop was introduced decades ago” and the sales benefits don’t disagree. When meeting with customers, sales workers can get immediate access to view and show real-time numbers and examples, as well as make deals on-the-spot and provide customers with in-depth information. They are no longer dependent on what specific documents they may have with them.

Mobile BI creates an all-around more adaptable sales practice, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Enhanced Data Visibility

Bringing the already numerous benefits of BI into the mobile space, allows those benefits to be taken advantage of by workers on a global-scale. This is ideal not just for companies that have a large group of remote employees, but also for any company looking to allow their employees to stay connected and aware on-the-go. Mobile users want to quickly access, view, and interact with specific information while on the go. Staff members that are frequently away from office can take advantage of real-time updates in data and strategy, and managers or C-level employees can get in-depth information no matter where they’re stationed.

These are just a handful of the Mobile BI benefits organizations enjoy when implementing a Mobile BI strategy. By bringing your BI suite into the mobile space, you can take advantage of a whole new level of connectivity; creating a more adaptable and accomplished workplace.

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