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Holiday Favorites By The Decade Infographic - Dissected Part 1

As our way of saying Happy Holidays to everyone we created an infographic displaying various holiday highlights and favorites, and segmented them by decade.

We’ll be providing you with some insight into the process of creating the infographic, some interesting facts that we weren’t able to include, and some of favorites that didn’t make the cut.

The first step to creating the infographic was finding the information. Where did we get it?

Music – Nielsen Company (SoundScan digital downloads 2003-2010) and RIAA certifications.

Movies – Domestic box office sales (Box Office Mojo, By the Numbers)

Facts – Wikipedia (verified with sources) and history.com

ToysEsquire, So Bad So Good

After the information had been gathered we needed to parse it down to keep the infographic from becoming too cluttered. Like selecting Key Performance Indicators for a dashboard, we had to choose the most important and interesting information to include. We decided to keep the information limited to 5-6 favorites per decade. Here are some of the potential holiday favorites that didn’t make the cut:

• (All decades): Popular holiday cookies by decade
• 1937: Charles W. Howard Santa School
• 1933-'35, ’65-’68, ’98-’01: Ramadan falls during December
• 1950: Record for tallest Christmas Tree 67.36 m erected and decorated at Northgate Shopping Center, Seattle, Washington
• 1951: Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion presented United States President Harry Truman with a Hanukkah Menorah
• Countless songs including but not limited to: Let It Snow ('45), The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You) ('46), Santa Baby ('53), Baby It's Cold Outside ('59), Same Old Lang Syne ('80), Last Christmas ('84), The Chanukah Song ('95), Where Are You Christmas ('00).
• 1962: First Christmas postage stamp was issued in the United States
• 1979: Jimmy Carter is the 1st President of the United States to take part in a public Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony on the National Mall
• 1982: Canada Post starts responding to letters to Santa and establishes postal code H0H 0H0
• 1986: First depiction of Hanukkah in a mainstream animated movie: American Tail
• Movies including but not limited to: Ernest Saves Christmas ('88), The Muppet Christmas Carol ('91), The Nightmare Before Christmas ('93), The Santa Clause (’94), Jingle All The Way (’96), Polar Express (’04).
• 1996: First Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony in the White House
• Toys, toys, and more toys: Mr. Potato Head (’52), Slime (’77), BMX Bikes, Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears, Transformers, Beanie Babies, Gamegear, xBox 360, Beyblades, Playstation 3, and more.

A lot right? And that’s not even half of it.

Stay tuned for our next blog post to find out what other information was left off, why it didn’t make the cut, and how it could have been included.

Check out the full version of the infographic here

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