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Welcome to the second installment of our Dundas BI 4 – Feature Series webinars blog. If you missed our first webinar on Operational Reporting, you can either read about it here, or watch the in-depth webinar hosted by Dundas’ Reporting Lead Developer Kevin Micallef, here.

Feature Series 2 – Integration

The emphasis of this webinar is on the extended integration options in Dundas BI 4 that make it even easier to integrate analytics within every business process, including the Embed Library and new Federated Claims Based Authentication.

Date – Thursday, May 11, 2017
Time – 11:00 AM EST
Presenters – Terrence Sheflin, R&D Director, UI/UX & Rob Siklos, R&D Director, Framework and Tools

Register now: www.dundas.com/learning/webinars/11-05-2017-the-embed-library-and-federated-claims-based-authentication

This webinar on Integration will focus on two separate topics, the first being the Dundas Embed Library. This library is designed to make embedding Dundas BI views (Dashboard, Scorecard, or Report) within other web applications easy. Sounds simple right? This portion of the webinar, hosted by Terrence Sheflin, will cover a variety of topics in relation to Dundas BI’s Embed Library:

The Dundas BI Embed Library can be used in 2 ways: with, or without needing to write JavaScript. By embedding with JavaScript, it allows for more advanced functionality such as running scripts, and hooking to Dashboard events. By embedding without needing to write JavaScript, it allows for quick and simple embedding with little technical knowledge. In greater detail, Terrence will explain the Dundas BI Embed Library, along with the following topics:

  • Creating a HTML-only page, which has an embedded Dundas BI instance in it
  • Using JavaScript to authenticate first, and then show a Dashboard
  • Using JavaScript to set a parameter
  • Using JavaScript to message between the embedded application and the outer-application

For more information on the Dundas Embed library, check out all the details here: http://www.dundas.com/Support/developer/samples/integration/using-the-dundas-bi-embed-library

The second leg of this webinar, hosted by Rob Siklos, is structured to provide more insight into Dundas BI 4’s Federated Claims Based Authentication. Federated Authentication enables users to log on to Dundas BI by authenticating using a third-party identity provider. For example, instead of accessing the default Dundas BI log on screen, users may be redirected to a Google log on screen, where they will authenticate with the relevant credentials and automatically redirect back to Dundas BI with information about the user. This will allow you to leverage existing authentication protocols rather than having to redefine users within Dundas BI:

Federated Authentication protocols supported by DBI

With Dundas BI 4, users will be able to authenticate their credentials through numerous protocols. The protocols that are support are as follows:

  • SAML 2.0
  • OpenID_Connect
  • WS-Federation
  • Google_OAuth_2
  • Microsoft_Account
  • Facebook

How to configure Federated Authentication

In order to configure Federated Authentication in Dundas BI, two things are required: a Federated Authentication Manifest, and a Federated Authentication Bridge. The Manifest is a JSON array, which contains all the required properties for Federated Authentication, and the Bridge, is a web application within the Dundas BI infrastructure.

Federated Authentication Examples

Once Rob’s walked you through the What, Why and How of Federated Authentication, he’ll demonstrate various examples of this feature in action. Specifically, he’ll show you an example of Federated Claims Based Authentication using Google, and another example using Active Directory Federation Services.

For more information on Federated Claims Based Authentication, you can learn more here: http://www.dundas.com/Support/learning/documentation/install-configure/enabling-federated-authentication 

And don’t forget to register for Feature Series 2 – Integration, so you can learn more about these features directly from the experts who built them!

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