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How to Operationalize your Machine Learning Models with Dundas BI

So you or someone within your organization spent time to gather data, analyze it, choose a machine learning algorithm, train a model and you now finally hold the key to predict your future (at least from the data point of view). But what’s next? How can you take this machine learning model and integrate it with your BI platform so your prediction model can be used in your on-going decision making process in an automated fashion? In other words, how can you operationalize your model and apply it to new data coming through your applications like all other data analyzed through your BI system.


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How to Use Icons to Make Market Research Reports Pop

The use of icons in reports within the market research community is increasing, whether as standalone images within reports, or as a means of data representation via infographics.

This not only follows the pattern of improving the visual impact of presentations, but also has benefits in content communication. Studies have shown that imagery has more impact, both in terms of the speed our brain processes data, as well as the quality of impact that readers will receive from the report.


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Using Animations to Enhance your Dashboard's Readability

Dashboards are a great way to visually represent your data in order to track, analyze and display key performance indicators (KPIs) at-a glance. They allow you to monitor the performance of a business, department or process and make informed decisions accordingly


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18 Cool Features of Dundas BI 5 that Data People Love

In our second Dundas BI 5 Feature Webinar, 18 Cool Features of Dundas BI 5 that Data People Love, we’ll be focusing on new and valuable capabilities in Dundas BI 5 that while small, will make your life considerably easier. These are features that every data person will appreciate and use every day, and whose impact on your BI projects will be BIG!

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What do Business Intelligence & The Bachelor Have in Common?

Valentine’s Day has come and passed, yet sparks are still flying as we’re feeling the lingering effects of Cupid’s arrow. What could possibly be causing these butterflies in our stomach? Well, as I’m sure the same goes for you too, nothing makes our hearts beat faster than hearing from our incredible customers what they’ve done with our product, Dundas BI.

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