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Stop Treating Business Intelligence Projects as IT Projects

In our modern society, companies and employees want to be data-driven and analytical, because it implies that they’ll perform better and be more successful. Hundreds – probably even thousands – of new business intelligence initiatives are started every single day. But in reality, most of these newly started initiatives will fail. 

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Kawhi Not Make Engaging Dashboards?

Seeing as our home team – the Toronto Raptors – is in the NBA Finals and are vying for their first championship in franchise history (against the dynastic Golden State Warriors no less!), I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to highlight the analytics of a few select players in a highly engaging and creative way. 

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Tips & Tricks for Building More Efficient Dashboards in Dundas BI

Congratulations, you’ve now entered the wonderful world of Business Intelligence (BI), Dashboards, and Data Analytics! You’ve gotten the hang of building out your first few dashboards, and have experienced some great, early success. You now need to find a way to increase your output, without compromising on quality. What are you going to do?

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5 Ways Embedded Analytics Can Bring Data Science to Your Customers

No, you’re not imagining it. Data science really has increased significantly in the public and consumer consciousness in the past five years. Software companies know the data their customers produce is valuable, and customer data can be used to deepen engagement and customer lifetime value.


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Innovation Never Rests: Radar Chart

In this installment of Innovation Never Rests, we’re taking a comprehensive look into one of our newest data visualizations, the Radar Chart. These charts are often used to visualize continuous, circular data (such as periods of time or data that indicates a direction), and/or to uncover matching patterns across multiple values, to analyze your data from a different perspective. 


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