Dundas BI Features

Take the Next Step: Add Real-Time Analytics to your Data Monitoring

Reacting to events as they occur helps businesses to make tactical decisions immediately and prevent any problems that may arise due to inadvertent delays. It's time you embrace real-time analytics.

When (and Why) to use Heat Maps

Heat Maps are graphical representations of data that utilize color-coded systems. What many people don’t realize, however, is that Heat Maps can be applied to a handful of data visualizations.

Enhance Your Data Storytelling with Animated Charts

Use animated charts to tell stories with your data and make your audience understand how and why they got there and inspire action and/or behavioral changes.

Custom Diagrams: Illustrate Your Data Results

Don’t simply show your data, tell a story with it! By combining Custom Diagrams with an analytics platform like Dundas BI, we're able to visually communicate complex information with ease.

A Good Use Case for 3D Visualizations in Dundas BI

3D charts are frowned upon in the data visualization world, especially when it comes to 3D Pie and Bar Charts. This begs the question - are there any valuable 3D visualizations?

How to Operationalize your Machine Learning Models with Dundas BI

How can you operationalize your machine learning model and apply it to new data coming through your applications like all other data analyzed through your business intelligence system?

Using Animations to Enhance your Dashboard's Readability

Dashboards are a great way to visually represent your data to track, analyze and display KPIs at-a-glance. One of the ways to enhance the readability of a dashboard is by making use of animations.

What do Business Intelligence & The Bachelor Have in Common?

Using Dundas BI, Absorb Software whipped up a few dashboards to display some Key Performance Indicators to track the progression of The Bachelor, which they then displayed on large TV screens.

Group and Analyze Data On-the-Fly to Save Time

The ability to group data on-the-fly is incredibly powerful. It's helpful when correcting data errors or grouping similar datum to form single data points or for answering hypothetical questions

With Dundas BI 5, Data Relationships Don’t Have to be Complicated

With Dundas BI 5, we’ve added two new visualizations to the relationship category. Dundas BI now has four, which include the Tree Diagram, Chord Diagram, Relationship Diagram, and Sankey Diagram.

Dundas BI 5 - From Predictable to Predictive Analytics

Dundas BI 5 is here! This release ensures you're able to take advantage of Forecasting, Clustering, Python, and other exciting features. With Dundas BI 5 analytics are made even easier

Add Some Heat to Your Map Visualizations

With Dundas BI 5, we’ve taken our existing Map Visualization and set its functionalities ablaze by incorporating Heat Maps.

Visualizing Text Analysis Results with Word Clouds

Word Clouds (or Tag Clouds) are excellent options to help visually interpret text and are useful in quickly gaining insight into the most prominent items in a given text

Identify Rank Changes in your Data Using a Slope Graph

A Slope Graph is a line chart variation that is typically used to emphasize change in time for different categories in your data and how each stacks up against the other. Let's build one in Dundas BI

Using Cohort Analysis to Determine Customer Lifetime Spending

Cohort Analysis enables you to easily compare how different groups or cohorts of people behave over time, allowing you to draw insight regarding trends and business processes.

Parallel Coordinates - Multivariate Analysis of US Universities

The Parallel Coordinates Chart is a uniquely valuable visualization in the sense that it allows you to examine large quantities of data at-a-glance, while simultaneously analyzing individual measures.

5 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started Using Dundas BI

Everybody has their own baggage when they start using new software – specifically for BI and analytics software. Here are 5 things I wish I'd known when I started using Dundas BI.

Dynamic Visualization of Travel Distances

With Dundas BI, you're able to calculate the distance between two locations using a built-in formula.

Exploring Hidden Relationships Within Netflix's Original Content

Netflix has a lot of original content, meaning it also has a lot of data. Using Dundas BI, let's tap into that data, visualize it using a relationship diagram, and uncover hidden relationships!

A Deeper Look Into Dundas BI's In-Memory Engine

For analytics projects to transform the way people manage their decisions, speed is often a necessity. This blog focuses on Dundas BI's in-memory engine and the role it plays in optimizing performance

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