Dundas BI Features

8 New Features In Dundas BI Version 8

Say hello to Dundas BI Version 8, the most powerful, highest performing version of Dundas BI to date.

Improve Your Data Performance With In-Memory Storage (How You Can Harness Lightning!)

Building an In-Memory Data Cube in Dundas BI can significantly increase your data performance.

The 5 Analytics Features You Seriously Want In A Business Intelligence Software

Not every business intelligence software is capable of delivering exactly what you need, and if you’re serious about doing what’s best for your data, then you’ll seriously want to ensure these 5 analytics features are present.

Is There Music In Your Data?

There might be music in your data! In this video, we explore how to use Dundas BI to convert data into music.

Perform More Relevant Period Comparisons In Dundas BI Using 13 Period Calendars

With Dundas BI, we’re able to build our own 13 period time dimension with just a few simple clicks and can perform more effective time-based analyses.

On-The-Fly Data Modeling With Dundas BI

Data modeling is the tasks/activities required to prepare data before it can be used for reporting and business intelligence activities.

Enterprise-Level Security Basics in Dundas BI

In this video, we cover some of the many ways that Dundas BI can be customized to allow for genuinely enterprise-level security.

How To Embed Dundas BI In A Third-Party Web Page

Embedded Business Intelligence is the integration of reports, dashboards, and even self-service content inside an application. Learn how to embed Dundas BI in a third-party web page.

Use State Indicators To Contextualize Analysis And Communicate Insights

By leveraging state indicators, dashboard designers can contextualize analysis, change user’s behaviors, communicate critical information quickly, and enhance the user experience.

What Can You Do With The Map In Dundas BI?

The map control/data visualization in Dundas BI is so extensive that it could very well be a product onto itself.

A Beginners Guide to Multitenancy in Dundas BI

Learn the basics and benefits of multitenancy in Dundas BI

How to Use Interactions to Make Your Dashboards...Interactive

Use Dundas BI to create interactive dashboards using several techniques available to you!

Innovation Never Rests: Data Aggregation When Building Metric Sets

I’m going to give you a crash course in data aggregation and will use Dundas BI – our fully programmable, end-to-end business intelligence platform – to explain it and share a few examples.

The Dashboard Every Sales Manager Needs to Drive Revenue and Maximize Performance

Give Sales managers a dashboard that empowers them to drill into and diagnose performance issues based on the numerous activities that lead to opportunity creation their Sales teams partake in and allow them to discover new ways to grow future revenues.

Slicer Comparison - The Coolest Self-Service Tool You've Never Heard Of

Self-service is more than giving users full creation capabilities. Tools like the Slicer Comparison in Dundas BI go a long way in balancing the need for self-service vs. creating a usable system for your users. 

How to Monitor Individual Sales Performance with Real-Time Dashboards

The best way to build and facilitate a Sales culture – one that rewards hard work and recognizes tangible successes – is by visualizing the status of all Sales activities using real-time dashboards.

You Can't Flatten the Curve Without Log Scales

Learn how to 'flatten the curve' using log scales in Dundas BI

4 Unique Tips to Designing Better Dashboards in Dundas BI

Dashboard design is as important as the data itself. If you want to evoke emotion and keep your users coming back for more, you'll want to incorporate these four dashboard design tips. 

How to Aid Data Discovery with Data Flow

Data flow is the ability to visualize existing relationships or add your own relationships between tables in your data. 

How Business Intelligence Enhances the Remote Work Experience

Real users of Dundas BI offer their personal opinions on how business intelligence has enhanced their remote work experience for themselves and their teams.

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