Dundas BI Features

Use Row-Level Security to Filter Data by User

This video defines user-based/row-level security and examines how user-based security can be applied in a real-world scenario. Plus, we walk you through how to set it up in Dundas BI.

Use Your Dashboards to Tell a Story

When someone says, “business intelligence”, what usually comes to mind are dashboards and reports. But did you know that you can use business intelligence tools to tell stories and give presentations?

Adding Weather Data to Dundas BI is a Breeze

The possibilities when working with weather data are near endless. Let's explore how we can incorporate and visualize weather data in dashboards in Dundas BI

Adding Weather Data to Dundas BI is a Breeze - Part 2

Watch as we use weather data to build a control that can be placed on any dashboard.

Adding Weather Data to Dundas BI is a Breeze - PART 1

Do you need to pull in web-based data into your BI system? In this video, we’ll start by showing you how you can get any web-based data (such as weather data) into a BI system like Dundas BI

3 Data Storage Techniques in Dundas BI

Dundas BI offers a structure called a Data Cube. The Data Cube allows you to prepare data, transform that data, store it, and add performance as necessary.

Innovation Never Rests: Radar Chart

Interested in comparing multiple quantitative variables? Then let's take a comprehensive look into one of Dundas BI's newest data visualizations, the Radar Chart.

Extend your Data with DundasScript

In this video, we take a real-life Marketing sample and show how DundasScript can be used to apply a few calculations to extend the dashboard to discover deeper insights.

Use Tokens to make your Dashboards Smart

Explore the vast customization of Tokens in Dundas BI, along with some advanced customization and scripting options.

There's a Map for that - Game of Thrones Edition

With Dundas BI, you can actually bring in your own map files. In this video, we’ll show you how that’s done, and what it could look like (heads up, we use a real example from Game of Thrones!).

5 Tips for Getting Started with Dundas BI

5 tips that'll help get you started as a new user of Dundas BI

Go Beyond Simple Customization

Let's take a look at some advanced customization, and how you can take your dashboards even further.

Introduction to Formulas in Dundas BI

What's important to take from this, is that formulas are a great way to contextualize data. They provide us with a way to quickly augment what we've got on top of our closed systems.

Innovation Never Rests: Delivery API

The Export Delivery API allows users to export and deliver Dundas BI exports through notifications, creating a more collaborative business intelligence experience.

Data Changes Fast - React Faster with Notifications

Redefine what data-driven means. With data-driven notification in Dundas BI, you'll never miss important changes in your data, ever again.

Innovation Never Rests: Automatically Detect Tables Within Excel

Business users who frequently work with Excel data will love Dundas BI's ability to automatically detect tables within non-standard Excel files

Innovation Never Rests: Hierarchy Attributes

We're focusing on one of the new ways Dundas BI simplifies data models and enables users to easily explore data in a logical and organized fashion by using Hierarchy Attributes.

How to Build your Custom UI using the Dundas BI APIs

One great aspect of Dundas BI’s user interface flexibility is its full exposure to the underlying APIs that enable customization of any aspect of the application. Let's dive into one such use case.

Innovation Never Rests: Small Multiples

Small Multiples are a series of graphs or charts that may interchangeably be referred to as Trellis Charts or Panel Charts. They enable you to uncover patterns in complex data.

Innovation Never Rests: Ragged Hierarchies

One of the more common challenges a lot of organizations encounter, is around being able to manage their hierarchies when they’re not perfect. Dundas' support for ragged hierarchies remedies that.

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