Dundas BI Features

How to Save Time on Design with Themes and Styles

Save time by learning the ins-and-outs of applying pre-built styles (or your own styles you've created) to your dashboards in Dundas BI.

Up Your Dashboard Game with Templates

Most people think that templates only exist to provide a common starting point from which to design dashboards, often with a focus on colors and images.

Leverage Outlier Analysis in Dundas BI to Increase Data Accuracy

Outliers can cause serious problems when analyzing data. Leverage interquartile range computations in Dundas BI to help you work with outliers by either hiding or removing them.

How to Use Heat Map Charts to Recognize Patterns in Complex Data

Analyzing and making sense of large volumes of raw data is dizzying. By using Heat Map Charts, you can leverage color variety and intensity to visualize and examine complex, multi-variate data easily!

Using Heat Map Charts to Discover Patterns

The Heat Map Chart is a new visualization in Dundas BI that allows for quick storytelling and pattern recognition. It helps to illuminate trends in your data that you never even knew existed.

Enhance Your BI User Experience Using Custom Menu Navigation Controls

Learn why you should build a custom navigation experience in your business intelligence solution and how the new Menu Control in Dundas BI will help increase user adoption.

Installing Dundas BI on Linux

This video will walk you through the process of setting up and installing Dundas BI on Linux! This is a great resource for helping you understand the architecture and why various options exist.

Drilling Into The Differences Between Drill-Down & Drill-Through

Drill-Up, Drill-Down, Drill-Through, Drill-In, Drill-to-Detail, Drill-Across... Why are these terms important to business intelligence and analytics and how would you go about using each?

With Natural Language Querying, Business Intelligence Comes Naturally

Natural Language Querying is becoming more and more common in Business Intelligence. But what does Natural Language Querying actually mean and how does Dundas BI approach the topic?

Using Dundas BI, Explore Data in Natural Language for Easy Analytics

Using Dundas BI's Natural Language Assistant, tap into your data by simply conversing with it. Ask questions of your data using simple, human commands and get answers and suggestions immediately.

How to Leverage Facebook Data for Advanced Analysis in Dundas BI

Dundas BI is able to interact with social networking platforms like Facebook. Let's use Python to fetch data from your corporate Facebook page and then create a sleek dashboard using it.

Parameters Demystified

Filters are amazing because they allow both content creators and users to have some control over what they are seeing on dashboards. Let’s dive into how parameters work and how to utilize them.

From Table Relationships to Slicer Comparisons, Experience Dundas BI Version 7

We highlight 3 brand new features in Dundas BI version 7 - such as table relationships and slicer comparisons - that focus on providing even more flexibility to what's already the most flexible business intelligence software

4 Ways to Add Holiday Cheer to your Dashboards in Dundas BI

'Tis the season to be jolly! I'll be unwrapping four unique ways in which you can add some holiday cheer and festive flair to your dashboards in Dundas BI.

The Sooner You Learn About Data Correction the Better

You've noticed there are problems with your source data, but it could take IT up to three weeks to make the changes. With Data Correction in Dundas BI, you don't have to worry!

The Only Thing You Need to Know About Trees and Tree Maps

In Data Visualization, treemapping is a great method to allow for the visualization of hierarchical data using rectangles. Let's explore what the treemap can do and how to build one using Dundas BI

Multi Language Support with Dundas BI

Localization is the ability to adapt to various languages and cultural formatting requirements in software. We look at how this applies to Business Intelligence and Dundas BI specifically.

How to Create a Fantasy Football Dashboard in 3 Easy Steps


Rejoice! It's football season. Learn how to create a fantasy football dashboard with data from YOUR OWN fantasy league!

How To Make Your Data-Discovery Smarter With Animated Charts

Use animations to make interactive data exploration and analysis as intuitive and effective as possible, and allow your eyes to keep track of everything when the data in your chart needs to change.

Use Data Brushing for Greater Insights

Using a feature in Dundas BI called ‘Brushing’, we can quickly highlight related information for analysis. Let's examine how to implement it on your dashboards.

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