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4 Things You Didn't Know You Could do in Dundas BI

We wanted to create a BI tool that was flexible enough to give you ultimate control over your BI experience. This meant providing a personalized experience that allowed you to meet your most common and advanced use cases without having to rely on other tools for the job.

Connecting to JSON Data in Dundas BI

The CData ODBC Drivers provide access to live data from more than 70 data sources from within Dundas BI without having to write any code. 

The Best State to Celebrate Halloween

October 31st is all about costumes, candy, and carving pumpkins.  Festivities transform into fright-filled attractions, punches turn into blood, and the steeliest of souls cower under blankets and...

120 Reasons to Love Waterfall Charts

The Waterfall Chart, popularized by consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, is a sterling way to delineate how a measure changes over a particular sequence, and how these changes impact the total....

Sunburst Charts - Homerun or Groundout?

Sunburst Charts - how useful are they?

Dundas BI Version 3.0 is Here!

Dundas BI Version 3.0 is all about your visual data analytics experience.

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