On-The-Fly Data Modeling With Dundas BI

Data modeling is the tasks/activities required to prepare data before it can be used for reporting and business intelligence activities.

Dundas BI has a unique patent on the concept of 'on-the-fly data modeling' so that you don't have to do upfront work before using the software.

Join us as we walk through some of the data-discovery features available in Dundas BI while data modeling is happening automatically for you behind the scenes.


About the Author

Jeff Hainsworth

Jeff Hainsworth is a Senior Solutions Architect at Dundas Data Visualization with over a decade and a half of experience in Business Intelligence. He has a passion for building, coding and everything visual – you know, shiny things! Check out "Off the Charts... with Jeff", his platform for great content on all things analytics, data visualizations, dashboards, and business intelligence. There’s something for everyone!