Dundas BI Version 2.6 is Now Even Faster and Easier


We’ve just released the latest version of the Dundas BI platform, Version 2.6. Featuring richer data prep, smarter visuals and greater performance. Now there are even more ways to prep and visualize your data - making it even easier to get to your business insights even faster.

Dundas BI provides data prep, dashboards, reporting and visual data analytics, all with seamless integration into business applications. The unrivaled flexibility of Dundas BI gets the information needed for faster decision making into everyone’s hands. More people, technical or not, can use data and information the way they need to in order to make quicker, fact-based decisions. With more ways to better prep and visualize your data, you can quickly get the business insights you need.

In order for BI to be used effectively in any business, it has to work for everyone, and it has to work the way they’d expect it to. The features in Version 2.6 give users even more control and a more intuitive experience. With the pinch-to-zoom on scale mode feature, users can use intuitive touch gestures to better view their data on different devices and zoom in to specific details. There is also better integration with other web applications with navigation interactions designed to keep the same data context as selected by the user.

New data connections allow you to easily connect to SharePoint lists and Excel services inside Office 365. You can also manipulate data to the structure and logic you need with new data transformations.

There are smarter visuals and more customizations in Dundas BI Version 2.6 such as new labels positioning, subtotal counts and HTML tags within data labels. Better performance and faster insights include in-memory performance enhancements, better search and faster embedded views load.

Dundas BI continues to provide organizations with more tools and features that help every user access, interact with and visualize their data.

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