What's New in Dundas BI


1. Overview

A list of highlights from the new features and enhancements available with the release of Dundas BI 11.0.

For a complete list of new functionality and behavior changes, see the List of changes in version 11.0.

2. Design and View

  • Create and use Code Libraries in your projects to collaborate on and reuse JavaScript code or functions
  • Reports can now be exported to PowerPoint or Image like dashboards but with a slide or image for each page
  • Insert a direct link to the exported view into notification email messages using the right-click menu
  • New options for Excel and CSV export to include an image of the entire dashboard, skip headers, or change the delimiter character
  • Images in a table visualization column can now be included when exporting to Excel with the new option Add Data Images To File

3. Data Preparation and Analysis

  • A Dundas BI Gateway can now be used with your own Dundas BI installation or containers in the cloud to access on-premise data sources
  • Quickly expand all values in an upper hierarchy level by choosing Expand To Next Level from the right-click Change Level menu
  • Search for data cubes by name in the Data Cubes dialog from your profile and the Data Cubes and Jobs pages in administration
  • A Single Schema option is added for Amazon Redshift and Oracle data providers to ensure queries can access different databases from tenant overrides

4. Administration

  • Impersonate other users to verify their experience when logged on
  • Access the recycle bins of other users to recover files
  • Use the new Disable Click To Check Out configuration setting if you want to prevent automatic check-out of a file when clicking within its grayed-out editor
  • Set the caption for a federated authentication provider to "-" if a button should not be provided on the logon screen, for example because of automated integration

5. Installation / Deployment

  • Add sidecar and init containers to Kubernetes deployments
  • Specify pod disruption budgets in your Helm chart for Kubernetes
  • Use the setup image in Docker to add the usage and performance tracking sample dashboards to your instance
  • Python prerequisites are now optional if the natural language assistant and Python transforms are not needed

6. General / Application

  • Dundas BI is now a progressive web app (PWA) that can be installed on devices and launched more like native apps
  • Right-click a folder to publish its files and subfolders at once more easily

7. Data Visualizations

  • Connect over gaps from missing values in line charts more easily when there are multiple series using the Connect Gaps options in Properties

8. API / Branding / Integration

  • Use one-time session tokens as an alternative to logon tokens to create and customize a logon session at the server ahead of time

9. See also

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