What's New in Dundas BI


1. Overview

A list of highlights from the new features and enhancements available with the release of Dundas BI 23.3.

For a complete list of new functionality and behavior changes, see the List of changes in version 23.3.

2. Design and View

  • Slideshows can now be exported to PDF, PowerPoint, or images, and can be sent through notifications – use them to compile storyboards or larger reports out of individual dashboards, reports, and other views
  • A table of contents can be added to reports with the entries you choose, with corresponding page numbers included automatically
  • Select a range of dates along a slider using the Play Axis or the new Hierarchy Slider filter, with the option to pin the start date when you press 'play'
  • Use the search box in the Parameters window to find all parameters connected to a visualization by its name

3. Data Visualizations

4. General / Application

5. Data Preparation and Analysis

  • Drag another data connector over a Manual Select transform in a data cube to re-wire it to another data source compatible with your query and outputting the same columns
  • New option to use key pair authentication in Snowflake Database data connectors
  • You can now use JDBC drivers when using a gateway to connect to on-premise data in addition to ODBC
  • Use the new Check Warnings button when editing a hierarchy to be notified of issues such as duplicate keys or circular references
  • New Search button in the Data Analysis Panel to find an element more quickly in large metric sets

6. Administration

  • Bulk add new accounts by dragging a CSV file containing their information to the Accounts page
  • Set up data cube storage and other jobs to automatically retry up to the specified number of times using the new Job Execution Attempts Count in configuration settings
  • Optionally set up federated logout when using federated authentication so that logging out of Dundas BI also logs out from the identity provider
  • Set up default or automatically-appended email message content for sharing and notifications using new configuration settings Default Message Template Content and Enforced Email Content

7. Installation / Deployment

  • New microservices move data cube warehouse & in-memory storage away from the main website in containerized deployments on Kubernetes or Docker.

8. See also

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