What's New in Dundas BI


1. Overview

A list of highlights from the new features and enhancements available with the release of Dundas BI 10.0.

For a complete list of new functionality and behavior changes, see the List of changes in version 10.0.

2. Installation / Deployment

  • Dundas BI now runs on .NET 6 on all platforms, providing performance improvements and enabling access to new functionality
  • Ubuntu version 20.04 LTS is supported for deployment and now used by Dundas Docker images
  • Debian 11 is supported when deploying Dundas BI on Linux
  • Optionally configure Dundas BI to be accessed under a path on your site when deploying on Linux, Docker, or Kubernetes, similar to the virtual directory option for Windows

3. Data Preparation and Analysis

  • New Generic Web data provider for connecting to any online data source with script enabling more complex authentication or paging
  • New Flatten JSON and Flatten XML transforms to extract data columns from JSON or XML such as from web data sources
  • Change the data provider for an existing data connector when needed, such as when switching between drivers
  • You can now customize the level names of time dimension hierarchies
  • When sorting by a measure, you can choose to ignore hierarchy groupings to sort all rows independently

4. Design and View

  • Horizontal & vertical text alignment options are now included in the Quick Access Properties popup for all users
  • Customize the styling of drop downs in filters and drop down list components
  • The effective values of tokens such as ranges of dates are now included when exporting to Excel and including parameter values
  • Use the Tab Index property to disable keyboard navigation or customize it if you can't reorder elements from the Layers window

5. Data Visualizations

  • Easier detection of potential outliers using the new option under Recommended in the Re-Visualize menu

6. General / Application

  • Right-click to open or edit a file more easily that you found in the file References dialog
  • Schedule events such as notifications or data cube builds to run monthly on multiple specified days or first/last number of days

7. Administration

  • View all references made to a user-defined custom attribute or token
  • Click to download the logon history to a CSV file

8. API / Branding / Integration

  • Pass the session ID in REST API requests more securely with an authorization header using the Bearer authentication scheme (i.e., Authorization: Bearer <session ID>)
  • New API methods /DataCube/ClearDataResultCache/{id}/ (REST) and clearDataResultCache (JS) to programmatically clear all cached data results for the specified data cube
  • New tenant setting External Application URI Override can assist with branding by including customized links in emails, shared links, and federated authentication
  • New Allowed Embedding Origins config setting can restrict where Dundas BI is allowed to be embedded

9. See also

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