6 Steps to Achieve Self-Service Success

September 19, 2016 Jordan Zenko


Liberation from reliance on the IT department.  That’s the promise of self-service analytics.  Sounds nice right?  Unfortunately that’s not always the case, as companies deploying self-service analytics often become overwhelmed and the chances of mismanaging data increases when the technology is simply handed over to business users.  It’s becoming more and more apparent that self-service analytics do not exist to emancipate business users from their IT counterparts, but rather to create a balanced partnership, on the grounds of governance and self-service. 

In their latest report – A Reference Architecture for Self-Service Analytics -  the Eckerson Group outlines 6 steps that that can help turbocharge business productivity, to successfully deliver a governed, self-service analytics environment:

  1. Classify Business Users
  2. Define Self-Service Workflows
  3. Define Permissions
  4. Create a Data Governance Committee
  5. Establish Reporting Workflows
  6. Continuously Educate, Train and Support

The 29 page report maps business users, developers, and technologies to an information supply chain that serves as the foundation for analytic processing.  In addition to this, it highlights the differences between self-service and ‘silver service’ zones and the roles of IT, developers and technology in each.  You’ll learn the foundation for success by defining a reference architecture to support self-service analytics.  

Download this Eckerson Group Report now


About the Author

Jordan Zenko

Jordan Zenko is the Community & Content Manager at Dundas Data Visualization. As Dundas’ resident (and self-proclaimed) story-teller, he authors in-depth content that educates developers, analysts, and business users on the benefits of business intelligence.

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