Dynamically Grow Your Business with Dundas BI on Azure

Dundas has always offered seamless integration with existing Microsoft technologies like SQL Server, SQL Server Analysis Services, Azure SQL Database, Microsoft SharePoint and Excel. With the announcement of the new Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Dundas continues to offer that same seamless, out-of-the box integration.

Dundas BI, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization software, provides seamless integration and full support to enable users to connect directly to and quickly access all of their data, whether Dundas BI is installed on Azure or on-premises. With Dundas BI now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, it is easier than ever to download, deploy, and get started.

Quickly Connect To and Access Your Data with Seamless Integration between Dundas BI and Azure

  • Easy to Deploy and Easy to Scale
  • Multi-Tenancy Ready for SaaS Providers or Multi-Tenant Solution Providers
  • Flexibility with Seamless Integration

The out-of-the-box integration between Dundas BI and Azure makes it easier to develop and faster to deploy while taking advantage of the back end layer, with fast data processing, and the front end layer with flexible visualizations and user interactivity for data manipulation. The built-in connectivity with ease of maintenance and administration in Dundas BI allows organizations to quickly realize the business value of their data on Azure.


Dundas BI on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

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