Innovation Never Rests: Ragged Hierarchies

One of the more common challenges a lot of organizations encounter, is around being able to manage their hierarchies when they’re not perfect. Dundas' support for ragged hierarchies remedies that.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Business Intelligence Platform

Whether you’re looking to embed real-time analytics within an existing product, or are looking to re-invent your current internal reporting structure with modern analytics, ask these 5 questions.

Tackling Your Business Intelligence User Navigation

Adoption is vital to the success of a business intelligence project, and a superior navigation experience can act as a catalyst for retaining a higher volume of standard users.

6 Key Capabilities an Embeddable Analytics Software Should Deliver

Differentiate your applications with beautiful analytics and better serve your customers.

A Flexible BI Tool - What Does it Mean and Why Does it Matter?

Learn why flexibility is so important in a BI tool

Top 7 Things to Consider When Choosing a BI Tool

Top 7 things to consider when choosing your Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics tool

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