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Quick Guide to Getting Started with Dundas BI

With Dundas BI, you literally can do ANYTHING! The only thing that rivals the size of Dundas BI, is the number of resources we have to help you master it and become more data-driven.

An Overview of User Types in Dundas BI

This video aims to provide a brief overview of the differences between the different types of users of Dundas BI; from consumers to analysts to advanced developers.

Usage Tracking in Dundas BI

You need to actively monitor everything from usage to performance in order to keep track of business intelligence project objectives and ensure your content is still relevant to your users.

The Different Types of Users in Dundas BI

Whether you are a consumer, an analyst, or an advanced developer, Dundas BI offers something for everyone. Explore the different types of users in Dundas BI and best practices when working with each.

How Does Licensing Work?

We’ll cover the different license types in Dundas BI and how they can impact your bottom line.

3 Data Storage Techniques in Dundas BI

Dundas BI offers a structure called a Data Cube. The Data Cube allows you to prepare data, transform that data, store it, and add performance as necessary.

5 Tips for Getting Started with Dundas BI

5 tips that'll help get you started as a new user of Dundas BI

Introduction to Formulas in Dundas BI

What's important to take from this, is that formulas are a great way to contextualize data. They provide us with a way to quickly augment what we've got on top of our closed systems.

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