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Dundas BI Ranked as a Data Visualization Software FrontRunner

Dundas BI has been ranked as a 2020 FrontRunner for Data Visualization Software, which uses real reviews from real software users to highlight top software products.

Tracking COVID-19 Across Canada – See How Analytics Impacts Decision-Making

The team at Dundas has created a real-time, interactive COVID-19 dashboard to help our fellow Canadian businesses and communities better explore the data, stay informed and safe, and take action.

How to Use Analytics to Measure and Maximize Sales Performance

All sales activity is measurable, meaning sales teams can leverage business intelligence and analytics to measure and maximize sales performance, to better understand sales trends and results

How to Use Heat Map Charts to Recognize Patterns in Complex Data

Analyzing and making sense of large volumes of raw data is dizzying. By using Heat Map Charts, you can leverage color variety and intensity to visualize and examine complex, multi-variate data easily!

4 Ways to Add Holiday Cheer to your Dashboards in Dundas BI

'Tis the season to be jolly! I'll be unwrapping four unique ways in which you can add some holiday cheer and festive flair to your dashboards in Dundas BI.

3 Examples of Data Analytics Making Enterprises Smarter & More Successful

Let’s take a closer look at three forward-thinking enterprises who’ve leveraged analytics to create unique data solutions that lift their businesses and bottom lines.

How to Create a Fantasy Football Dashboard in 3 Easy Steps


Rejoice! It's football season. Learn how to create a fantasy football dashboard with data from YOUR OWN fantasy league!

How to Optimize your Data Visualizations for Best Performance

5 data visualization best practices you need to follow if you want to create meaningful data visualizations that drive home your point and unearth hidden data insights.

How To Make Your Data-Discovery Smarter With Animated Charts

Use animations to make interactive data exploration and analysis as intuitive and effective as possible, and allow your eyes to keep track of everything when the data in your chart needs to change.

8 Avoidable Mistakes That Are Killing Your BI Projects

To ensure your Business Intelligence project is a success, I’ve outlined 8 common mistakes businesses make (and how you can avoid them).

A Brief History of Data Visualization

Data visualization has come a long way. From simple cave drawings depicting the success of a hunt to the intricate dashboards we have today connecting to millions of rows of data.

The Importance of Stunning Data Visualizations

Data visualizations help companies reduce their reporting times and bring faster value to internal and external stakeholders

Innovation Never Rests: Map Animation

Use map and diagram animations to faster detect changes across geo-locations. With these powerful animations, users are immediately able to cognitively identify changes in their geographical data.

Does Everyone Know What a Dashboard Really Is?

What can you use dashboard views for in Dundas BI? Hang on - the answer is surprisingly controversial, but also demonstrates Dundas BI’s capabilities and flexibility.

Best Practices for Performance Optimization of Dashboards in Dundas BI

Performance optimization of dashboards is a hotly discussed topic. Let's talk about the common mistakes developers make in regard to dashboard performance and how to mitigate them.

Kawhi Not Make Engaging Dashboards?

When creating fully-fledged dashboards – you know, the ones we pour our heart and soul into – what we should strive for, is to make them as engaging and interactive as possible.

Tips & Tricks for Building More Efficient Dashboards in Dundas BI

Tips and tricks to make your dashboard development in Dundas BI as efficient as possible.

Adding Weather Data to Dundas BI is a Breeze

The possibilities when working with weather data are near endless. Let's explore how we can incorporate and visualize weather data in dashboards in Dundas BI

Innovation Never Rests: Radar Chart

Interested in comparing multiple quantitative variables? Then let's take a comprehensive look into one of Dundas BI's newest data visualizations, the Radar Chart.

Innovation Never Rests: Small Multiples

Small Multiples are a series of graphs or charts that may interchangeably be referred to as Trellis Charts or Panel Charts. They enable you to uncover patterns in complex data.

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