Dashboards & Data Visualizations

4 Simple Ways to Supercharge your Sales Strategy with Business Intelligence

To help sales teams improve their performance, we’ve highlighted the top 4 ways business intelligence can supercharge sales strategies.

The Best State to Celebrate Halloween

October 31st is all about costumes, candy, and carving pumpkins.  Festivities transform into fright-filled attractions, punches turn into blood, and the steeliest of souls cower under blankets and...

120 Reasons to Love Waterfall Charts

The Waterfall Chart, popularized by consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, is a sterling way to delineate how a measure changes over a particular sequence, and how these changes impact the total....

Sunburst Charts - Homerun or Groundout?

Sunburst Charts - how useful are they?

Dashboards vs. Reports: Which One Should You Go With?

What are the differences between reports and dashboards and which one should I use? 

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Prettiest BI Tool of All? Impressions from the Gartner BI Bake Off.

If you're in the market for a new BI tool, make sure you set your priorities and truly evaluate based on those.

3 Dashboard “Must Haves” to Make Sure People Use It

If your dashboard has the following “3 musts” – you shouldn’t worry about your adoption – it will come naturally.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dashboard Design - and Why They Should be Avoided

We review the Seven Deadly Sins of Dashboard Design and why they should be avoided.

Data Viz 101: 6 Types of Charts, Graphs, and Lines

 Sparklines, bullet graphs, linear gauges, and more. What are they, and how can they help your dashboard?

Data Viz 101: 4 Ways a Dashboard Helps Your Business

What is a dashboard and how does it help your business?

Olympic Data Visualization Mistakes

A look at how a data visualization of the Olympic rings could be enhanced by utilizing more best practices

Graphing Out Loud vol. 1

Data visualizations and the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Save Yourself from Dashboard Disaster: Ask These Questions

Questions people should ask themselves before publishing a dashboard / making one public.

Mapping Dashboards to Objectives

Dashboard solutions allow an organization to visualize and monitor their data in a meaningful manner, while enabling them to make better operational and strategic decisions. 

50 Shades of Grey? The Use of Shades in Dashboards.

The use of color and in particular, shades of color, in dashboards.

In Praise of Connected Scatter Plots

Hans Rosling's presentation in the BBC documentary - The Joy of Stats.

A World Filled With Data Visualization

Data Visualization is everywhere. It has become a staple for every department in every type of business. Whether you’re a CEO looking at an executive dashboard, or a construction worker examining hours logged for different projects, data visualization is likely part of your day-to-day job. 

A Little Something About Pie Charts

Pie charts are fascinating circles of controversies; users love them and experts like Stephen Few, despise them. 

Circle Circle Dot Dot... What Some Dashboards Should Have Not

Humanity is addicted to circles. Understandably so, as circles are everywhere; in our vehicles, our food, even our faces. It’s no wonder we try to include them in our data visualizations, but should we? 

Walk A Mile In A Designer's Shoes

You know when people ask you what you would be doing with your life if you didn’t become a doctor or a lawyer or a software developer or a graphic designer and your eyes light up and you start sweating a little and you can belt out the answer with unwavering certainty? My answer is pursuing an academic career in women’s health, or women’s studies, or sexual diversity and gender studies. I currently work as a graphic designer at Dundas, and my background is in biomedical illustration; I enjoy turning messy, complicated concepts into clear visual explanations.

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