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8 Avoidable Mistakes That Are Killing Your BI Projects

To ensure your Business Intelligence project is a success, I’ve outlined 8 common mistakes businesses make (and how you can avoid them).

KPI vs. KRI - Providing Better Business Intelligence Insight

Understanding how your business operates is vital to achieving sustainable success.  Nothing will help you understand your business better than properly tracking and analyzing your business' data.

How A Cycle Plot Can Change your Life

The Cycle Plot is a very powerful data visualization for dashboards that can illuminate trends in your time-based data that your users probably didn’t even know existed!

Drill-Down vs. Drill-Through

Put down that thesaurus! In this video, we cover the differences between the business intelligence terms, “drill-down” and “drill-through”, and how you can implement each.

How to Increase Adoption of Business Intelligence Across the Enterprise

There are ways to make data and business intelligence more palatable and ultimately increase adoption across the company. Here are four of those ways.

Stop Treating Business Intelligence Projects as IT Projects

Thousands of new business intelligence initiatives are started every single day. To ensure success, we need to stop treating them as IT projects and start treating them as strategic endeavors.

5 Ways Embedded Analytics Can Bring Data Science to Your Customers

Software companies know the data their customers produce is valuable, but aren't always sure of how to leverage it. Here are 5 ways embedded analytics can bring data science to your customers.

Extend your Data with DundasScript

In this video, we take a real-life Marketing sample and show how DundasScript can be used to apply a few calculations to extend the dashboard to discover deeper insights.

Introduction to Formulas in Dundas BI

What's important to take from this, is that formulas are a great way to contextualize data. They provide us with a way to quickly augment what we've got on top of our closed systems.

4 Positive Effects of Using Business Intelligence

Business intelligence helps to create a better and more thorough understanding of what is happening now. Here are four reasons why you should give a modern BI tool a try.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Business Intelligence Platform

Whether you’re looking to embed real-time analytics within an existing product, or are looking to re-invent your current internal reporting structure with modern analytics, ask these 5 questions.

Take the Next Step: Add Real-Time Analytics to your Data Monitoring

Reacting to events as they occur helps businesses to make tactical decisions immediately and prevent any problems that may arise due to inadvertent delays. It's time you embrace real-time analytics.

How to Leverage Predictive Analytics in Your Business Intelligence Solutions

There is a wide range of different ways that organizations like yours can leverage predictive analytics in your business intelligence solutions. Let's explore them in this blog.

How to Operationalize your Machine Learning Models with Dundas BI

How can you operationalize your machine learning model and apply it to new data coming through your applications like all other data analyzed through your business intelligence system?

A Deeper Look Into Dundas BI's In-Memory Engine

For analytics projects to transform the way people manage their decisions, speed is often a necessity. This blog focuses on Dundas BI's in-memory engine and the role it plays in optimizing performance

4 Simple Ways to Supercharge your Sales Strategy with Business Intelligence

To help sales teams improve their performance, we’ve highlighted the top 4 ways business intelligence can supercharge sales strategies.

Business Intelligence - Why Do I Need That?

As with all projects, Business Intelligence exists to achieve one of three objectives: Increase Revenue, Decrease Risk, and Decrease Costs. It's no longer a nice-to-have, it's a must-have.

Business Art, or the Art of Business Intelligence?

In order to implement a successful BI project, the key decision-makers need to focus first on ‘why’ the business is embarking on this project, and then on the business processes and behaviors of the users of the BI solution.

How Upgrading Your Reporting Will Make You More Efficient in the Workplace

Learn about the benefits upgrading your reporting can have - including increased efficiency

Business Analytics and Hollywood: A Match Made in Heaven?

Gary Cokins discusses the connection between business analytics and Hollywood Oscar nominations of 2013

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