Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Here you will find the most common questions asked by our users.


What is Dundas BI?

Dundas BI is an enterprise-ready Business Intelligence (BI) platform for creating and viewing interactive dashboards, reports, scorecards and more.  You can deploy Dundas BI as the central data portal for your organization, or integrate it into an existing website as part of a custom BI solution. Read this product overview to learn more.

How can I search for a topic in the support site?

You can search for a topic by using any available search field while you're in the Support Site.

Searching for a topic.
Searching for a topic.

How to white label the Dundas BI Web Application?

You can find this information in the article White labeling the application.

How do I get started with Dundas BI?

The easiest way to get started with Dundas BI is through our introductory and how-to videos. You can watch Dundas BI videos online or download them locally for viewing at a later time.

Where is the user guide for Dundas BI?

The product documentation section represents the user and administrator guide for Dundas BI. The articles here are categorized and arranged so you can read them in order. Some of the articles serve as a user interface reference while others are step-by-step walkthroughs to help you get started with specific features of Dundas BI. Also included are how-to guides for common or more advanced cases requiring more detailed steps. You may also want to see our Dundas BI videos.

Where can I find training and how-to videos?

You can find the training and how-to videos for Dundas BI here. These videos are a great way to get started with Dundas BI. You can watch each video online or download it locally for viewing at a later time.

What is the difference between Dundas Dashboard and Dundas BI?

Dundas BI is a completely separate product with a different codebase and an expanded scope, focusing on self-serve business intelligence, full API support, ETL, reporting, scorecards, and more. Based on the latest web standards including HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, Dundas BI works and looks the same on a desktop as it does on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

Can I upgrade from Dundas Dashboard to Dundas BI?

Installation-wise, there won't be a direct upgrade path because these are two different products. Please contact your account manager to explore possibilities for migrating your Dundas Dashboard projects to Dundas BI.

What are the system requirements for Dundas BI?

Please find the details on the Dundas BI - System Requirements page.

Where can I find the version of Dundas BI I'm using?

Click on Profile in the main menu, then scroll down and click on More about this product to open a new page listing product information. If the product version is not listed here, contact your Dundas BI administrator to find out the version.

For more details, see Edit your profile and change your password.

Free Trial and Downloads

If I create a dashboard using the evaluation version, will I lose my work once I move to a retail version?

No. When you purchase a retail license, you simply add the license to the evaluation instance you've been working on. The time-limit and evaluation watermark will be removed and the work you did during the evaluation period will still be intact.

Where can I download the latest version of Dundas BI?

To evaluate Dundas BI, the best way is to start with the free online trial

To download the latest version of Dundas BI, login, go to My Account, you'll find the download link under My Downloads. 

What is the difference between the Free Trial and the Enterprise Evaluation?

The Free Trial is a 25-day, free online trial of Dundas BI. You need to register or login on Dundas BI support site first. The Free Trial is a great way to get started with Dundas BI because NO installation required and it comes with sample data you can use right away. If you want, you can test your own data in Excel spreadsheets with our online trial.


The Enterprise Evaluation is a full featured version of Dundas BI which you can download and install locally on your own server. This Evaluation version is also time-limited and displays a watermark on every screen. You need to register or login to download the application.

Do I need to register to be able to download an evaluation copy of Dundas BI?

Yes, you need to register or login and get the Enterprise Evaluation copy. You can always find the download link in My Downloads under My Account once logged in Dundas BI support site.

How do I install Dundas BI?

The installation guide for Dundas BI can be found here.

I have registered, but did not receive any validation email. What should I do next?

If you have higher than normal security settings on your email provider, please check your junk mailbox in case the validation email was re-directed. If there’s no validation email, contact us at and we will validate it for you.

Using Dundas BI

While designing, I minimized the Explore window. How do I get it back?

This also applies to other windows such as the Properties window. Go to your status bar at the bottom and click the icon representing the window to the left of the name of the file you're working on.


See also: Using dockable windows

Where is the Save button?

While editing items such as dashboards and metric sets, you won't see a Save button in the toolbar because Dundas BI automatically saves your work for you. The next time you make a change, go to the status bar at the bottom, wait a few seconds, and you'll see a status message telling you the current item has been 'Saved'. See this article for further reference.

What is the difference between Edit mode and View mode?

There isn't much of a difference, and you should keep in mind that changes you make in View mode can be saved if you then switch back to Edit mode. See this article for more details.

How do I embed or integrate Dundas BI into my application?

You can use the Dundas BI embed library to easily embed Dundas BI into web applications and other webpages.


You can also embed Dundas BI into any other type of application the same way you would embed any webpage, by navigating to the desired Dundas BI URL.


What is the difference between SLICERS and COLUMNS in the Data Analysis Panel?

Hierarchies added to the Slicers field are not displayed anywhere in the visualization (including its tooltips) and are used for filtering only. See this article for more details.

How do I use the in-memory cube option?

Once you've designed your data cube (ETL process), you can choose the in-memory storage type which can significantly improve the performance of data retrieval.


Building the in-memory cube can take some time though, depending on the columns and default measures selected in your data cube. For this reason, the build can be scheduled to run periodically.


The in-memory cube is also persisted to the Dundas BI Warehouse database so that it can be reloaded back into memory in the event the server is restarted.


If you make changes to your data cube after the in-memory storage has been built, you should manually rebuild the in-memory storage.


See also: Data cube storage types

Getting Support

How do I report an issue or submit an inquiry?

Login to Dundas BI Support and then submit a support ticket. If you are sending attachments or screenshots, you can email us directly at instead.

What should I include when submitting an issue?

To prevent delay in our response, we suggest that you incude the following in your email:

  • Start the subject line with "Dundas BI Version:X.X.X.XXXX :". For example, in the subject line, "Dundas BI V1.0.0.1000: Error when navigating to...".
  • If applicable, include screenshot of error message, plus the text of the error message.
  • Include detailed steps on how this issue can be replicated.
  • It is also helpful if you include browser used and version of browser.

Related Topic: Where can I find the version of Dundas BI I'm using?



What are the Dundas Support hours?

Our support staff are available from Monday to Friday, 7 AM to 6 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). See our contact page for further details.

Where can I find information regarding Dundas Support policies and processes?

Please find the support terms and process links near the bottom of the Support Center page.


Where can I find my license information?

You can find the license information on Dundas BI by clicking on Admin, and go to Licensing and view the available licenses. The license detail contains the type of license, the license expiry, the number of reserved and floating seats for developers, power users and standard users.

How can I reset the administrator password?

There are a couple of ways to reset the password for the administrator user described in this article.

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