Using dockable windows


1. Overview

A set of tabbed windows (or panels) are docked along the bottom and right sides of most editor screens, such as the Explore window.

Simply click on one of these tabs to open or switch to it. For other tips, see below.

2. Expand and collapse

When all the windows along one side of the screen are collapsed, click on a tab to open or expand that window, making it the active tab.

Expanding a window along the bottom of the screen
Expanding a window along the bottom of the screen

To collapse the window that is currently open and free up space on that side of the screen, click on the active tab.

Collapsing the open window
Collapsing the open window

3. Resize a window

Resize an expanded window by clicking and dragging its inside edge.

Resizing a window
Resizing a window

4. Closed or minimized windows

Each window can also be closed (or minimized), moving it from the side of the screen to a small icon in the status bar.

To do this, click the Close button on the window tab.

Clicking the Close icon
Clicking the Close icon

Windows may close themselves automatically if you switch to a small screen such as a smartphone, or resize your browser window very small.

To reopen or restore a closed window, go to the left edge of the status bar at the bottom of the screen and click the window's icon.

Restoring a minimized window
Restoring a minimized window

You can hover over or long-tap the icon to view its description in a tooltip popup if you don't recognize its icon.

5. Change the docked location

You can reposition any docked window from the right side of the screen to the bottom side or vice versa by dragging its tab.

For example, drag the Parameters window and dock it on the right instead of the bottom.

Repositioning a docked window
Repositioning a docked window

A window may move itself automatically to another side of the screen if the window is too small to fit all of the tabs currently positioned there, but you can drag it back again once there is room.

6. See also

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