Get Started

Dundas BI is an enterprise-ready business intelligence platform for building and using interactive dashboards, reports, scorecards and more.

Dundas BI is web-based, so all you need is a web browser to get started. Navigate to your Dundas BI website and log on.

The Dundas BI home screen appears by default whenever you log in. This is the launching point for all of the things you can do in Dundas BI.

This walkthrough shows you how to connect to a SQL Server data source and display some data on a dashboard.

Learn how to re-visualize data as a bar chart and perform drill down and drill up operations.

Edit, View, and Sandbox View are the options you see in the toolbar of a dashboard, report, or other type of view in Dundas BI, depending on which mode you are currently in.

To facilitate collaboration on projects, Dundas BI uses a check in / check out model with respect to items such as data connectors, data cubes, dashboards and more.

All of the work that you do in Dundas BI occurs within the context of a current or active project, which allows users to collaborate on the same dashboard or BI effort.

The My Profile screen lets you view your account details, choose the default view that appears when you log on, change your password and more.

You can rename items such as dashboards, metric sets, and data cubes from the Explore window or from the status bar in Dundas BI.


The Properties dialog lets you view and edit the properties associated with a selected file or folder in the EXPLORE window.

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