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What Separates the Best-In-Class Sales Team from the Average?

a new study shows it's dashboards.

According to the Aberdeen Group Report study on sales intelligence, dashboards (and other data visualization tools) are used by 67% of best-in-class sales teams.  For average and laggard sales teams, dashboard utilization drops down to 49% and 33% respectively.

This was the biggest disparity of any factor within the study, indicating that dashboards really make a difference to sales team performance.

Now, I'm not going to turn around and say,
"Ha! We knew it!"

I am not going to say that.

But when dashboards are used effectively, they can make a drastic difference in your sales performance.

And that's not some marketing ploy.

It's fact.

Here are a few ways that dashboards can help you go from average to best-in-class:

1. They improve focus

What good is a sales team that isn’t focused, and more importantly, isn't focused on the right things? Dashboards keep the important information front and center at all times.

2. They allow you to monitor performance

Dashboards give employers and employees the ability to monitor current and projected sales performance in real-time. An informed sales team is a prepared sales team.

3. They track data in real time

Dashboards with real-time data allow your sales team to understand opportunities early enough to take action. The alternative, static reporting, may not allow them to see opportunities in time, or at all.

4. They reduce non-productive time

As the saying goes, time is money, and by automating your reporting and keeping the important information front and center, dashboards allow the sales team to focus on analysis, and make faster and more accurate decisions. This saves you valuable time and money.

By keeping your team focused, informed, and aware of data trends, dashboards will help your sales team move forward and succeed.

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