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The 411 on our Dashboard Tutorial Videos

“Hello, and welcome to the Dundas Dashboard Tutorial Series! In this video, I’ll be … wait, which one is this? Argh.”
(Stops recording, checks notes, starts recording)

“Hello, and welcome to the Dundas Dashboard Tutorial Series! In this video, I’ll be (cellphone rings) NOOOO!”
(Stops recording, turns off cell phone, starts recording)

“Hello, and welcome to the Dundas Dashboat Tutorial Series! In this video I’ll be … did I just say Dashboat? Forget it.”
(Stops recording, throws headset, leaves to get a coffee)

This was our lives over these past two months. The Dundas Solutions Architects and Corporate Trainers were tasked with the creation and delivery of nearly 100 videos that covered the breadth and depth of our platform. Believe me when I say the above is not a dramatization. Much coffee was consumed, and many script readings were bungled, as we broke Dundas Dashboard into our easily consumable Dundas Dashboard Tutorial Video Series.

As some of you may already know, a hands-on test of any software solution is a common step in the evaluation process for many companies. This is why an evaluation version of our platform is readily available on our site. However, Dundas Dashboard is a powerful tool with a host of capabilities, and without a bit of guidance, it can easily feel overwhelming.
Enter the Tutorial Series.
It introduces the things a new user needs to know in order to be able to build some basic dashboards quickly.

What is the Dundas Dashboard Tutorial Series?

The Tutorial Series is a collection of videos that provide a high-level overview of the Dundas Dashboard platform. Organized into 14 subjects and delivered in videos averaging 5 minutes in length, these videos will introduce the core concepts of the platform. The Tutorial Series fills a gap between the self-guided experience found on our support site, and the intensive, in-depth training provided by our corporate training team. It covers the basics of dashboard creation and provides links to supporting documentation.

Who is the audience for the Tutorial Series?

The Tutorial Series is aimed primarily at two audiences: those performing independent evaluations of the software, and those who have newly purchased the software and need some guidance.

What is covered in the Tutorial Series?

The Tutorial Series covers the basics of installation, administration, data connection, data flow, and dashboard design. With these videos and the supporting documentation, users will be able to move from freshly installing the platform, to the creation of simple dashboards.
Each video is accompanied by links to supporting documentation for further reading.

What is not covered in the Tutorial Series?

While these videos provide a high-level overview, they are not meant to be detailed how-to instructions. Many topics are much too broad to cover in a 5 minute video – localization, as an example, is something that will require detailed reading on our support site. In one tutorial video, Jeff introduces the scripting engine, but cannot even begin to cover what is possible within this framework.
This is why in addition we provide detailed how-to videos on many popular topics (shout out to our wonderful support team for those).

Where should the viewer look for additional information?

Reach out to us directly. The videos are an overview, and while extensive, they are by no means exhaustive. Give us a call or send us an email to talk about specific topics that you have viewed, or if you have data visualization needs above and beyond what is covered.

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