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Neo@Ogilvy: How they decreased reporting time by 90%

Neo@Ogilvy is Ogilvy & Mather's global media agency and performance marketing network, employing more than 800 digital experts in 40 offices worldwide. Ogilvy & Mather launched Neo@Ogilvy in 2006 to help clients organize and relate complex consumer information so they can make time-sensitive decisions, monitor emerging trends, course-correct rapidly and jump on new business opportunities.

Data Visualization Needs

In 2011, the Neo@Ogilvy London Office invested in a more advanced Business Intelligence solution and needed a data presentation platform to expose the reporting data housed in their data warehouse.

Their solution?

Dundas Dashboard.

Web-Access and Customization

Neo@Ogilvy looked at many dashboard solutions that are available on the market and chose Dundas for two key reasons. Dundas Dashboard is web browser based, which enables clients to access their data at any time. Dundas Dashboard is also extremely flexible and customizable, and allows developers to design an interface that is unique.

Owen Ball, Senior Analytics Manager, had this to say,

"We trialed several competitors and the two areas where Dundas stood apart were its flexibility and our ability to design a unique interface. In some respects the Dundas Dashboard feels more like a desktop publishing application giving us the option of designing pixel perfect layouts. It really resonated with the account team and with the clients as well."

Greater Efficiency and Better Service Offering

Neo@Ogilvy implemented Dundas Dashboard and developed a series of dashboards for their clients, and also deployed Dundas Dashboard for internal use for the Account teams. This solution eliminated the need for the majority of manual processes and increased internal efficiency.

Neo@Ogilvy found significant savings in reporting time, and was also able to offer a complete offering to clients. The average number of hours Neo@Ogilvy’s analysts spent on reporting for each client was slashed by up to 90%.

“Everything was already in place. Clients could log in and have the same single version of the truth as our account teams, annotate data-points and answer ad-hoc queries by themselves. The whole reporting process was streamlined and this freed up time for our account teams to manage and optimize campaigns.” said Mr. Ball.

To find out more about how Dundas helped Neo@Ogilvy, check out our new Neo@Ogilvy Case Study!

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