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Get the “Gleanster Skinny” on Dundas in their 2015 Data Visualization Gleansight Benchmark Report

In the 2015 Data Visualization Gleansight Benchmark Report, the “Gleanster Skinny” summarizes what sets Dundas apart and why Dundas ranks #1 in features and functionality and ease of deployment with top rankings for overall value.

Gleanster Skinny:

"Dundas is one of the few providers on the market that truly embodies what it means to offer data visualization capabilities. Dundas Dashboard has close to 1,000 customers across 53 countries. The platform is designed to be customizable and data source agnostic. The presentation layer is by far the most flexible on the market and the technology is web-based, which means reports can be imbedded anywhere (including competitive offerings). Dundas boasts over 50 different packaged data visuals, support for mobile BI (responsive & HTML5 support), and deeper customization than many of their much larger BI competitors. In November 2014, Dundas launched a new BI offering designed specifically for ease-of-use: self-service, single experience across platforms, and enterprise ready. The HTML5 offering and later stage launch of BI allowed them to re-think some of the nuances that plague legacy enterprise BI offerings. Dundas also offers consulting services for a bottom-up approach to development.”

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