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3 Things You Can Do With The Dundas SharePoint Solution

SharePoint is a Microsoft technology originally designed for intranet content management and document management, but now contains a variety of tools to be usable by non-technical users. In recent years, Microsoft SharePoint has been increasingly popular, being rolled out to small and large companies. Now, Dundas Dashboard can be integrated into SharePoint 2013. And with this new solution come new things that can be accomplished. Here are three interesting things that you can do with the Dundas Dashboard Microsoft SharePoint solution:

1) Connect to SharePoint List as a Data Source

Users will typically want to create and store their own set of data. SharePoint Lists allows non-technical users to create, input and store a simple set of data. With our data connector, users will be able to tap into that data source and build dashboards.

2) Connect to SharePoint Excel Services

One of SharePoint’s primary functionality is document management. Storing Excel files in SharePoint allows users to share and track changes in the documents. Through SharePoint Excel Services, Dundas Dashboard can retrieve the data within the Excel files themselves and present them on a dashboard.

3) Integrate Dashboards directly into SharePoint

Forcing a user to leave an existing application to view reports and dashboard in another application typically results in a bad end user experience. Dundas Dashboard provides different ways to seamless integrate dashboards into SharePoint. Users will be able to view dashboards within SharePoint itself, so they will not have to leave the SharePoint environment!

Interested in getting a first-hand look at what Dundas can do in the SharePoint environemnt? Find out more here!

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