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18 Cool Features of Dundas BI 5 that Data People Love

If you haven’t heard by now, Dundas BI 5 is officially here!

With this being one of our most feature-rich releases to date, we want to ensure we cover everything you need to know about Dundas BI 5 (along with those things you didn’t know you needed). We’ve amassed an exhaustive list of valuable resources to jumpstart your journey with Dundas BI 5, and are capping it off with two (2) webinars conducted by Dundas’ Professional Services team.  

The first webinar on Predictive Analytics was held last month, and if you’ve not yet had the opportunity to watch it, I highly recommend doing so. In it, Davide De Simone, Business Intelligence Consultant at Dundas, walks through how business analysts can incorporate predictive analytics into their visualizations with two clicks, and how data scientists can integrate their advanced data models right into Dundas BI’s data flow:

[WEBINAR] Predictive Analytics for Everyone
[BLOG] Dundas BI 5 – From Predictable to Predictive Analytics

In our second Dundas BI 5 Feature Webinar, 18 Cool Features of Dundas BI 5 that Data People Love, we’ll be focusing on new and valuable capabilities in Dundas BI 5 that while small, will make your life considerably easier. These are features that every data person will appreciate and use every day, and whose impact on your BI projects will be BIG!

Date – Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Time – 11:00 AM EST
Presenter – Ekaterina Sycheva, Business Intelligence Consultant



Here’s an overview of what to expect in this upcoming webinar, as we’ll be covering all the little things from data prep to analysis and visualization, which you will absolutely love:


Data Prep

Get ready to optimize the efficiency of your manual queries, because new to Dundas BI 5, is the ability to pass collection values to a manual SQL placeholder, that can later be connected to filter controls on your dashboard.


Data Visualizations

With the release of Dundas BI 5 comes new tools to render your data visualizations more valuable. These tools are designed better assist you in utilizing table visualizations, and to help construct charts and diagrams with more granular details.

  • Filter IndicatorsTo enhance your sorting and filtering experience, Dundas BI 5 now allows you to prominently display an indicator on columns when filtering is applied, with options to customize its appearance.
  • Axis in HeaderData Bar and Bullet Graph columns now include properties that will replace the column header text with an axis, and can be further customized to your liking.
  • One-Click SortingUsers are now able to sort their hierarchy headers in ascending, descending, or unspecified order, with one simple click, saving you time for the real hard-hitting work.
  • Display Images in NodesMuch like its sister visualization, the Tree Diagram, with Dundas BI 5, the nodes in the Relationship Diagram can be customized beyond size and color properties and can now display images.
  • Hollow Data PointsWith Dundas BI 5, we’ve added more ways to control the appearance of point and Bubble Chart data, by giving users the option to display them as hollow points.


Design & View

Another one of our main priorities when developing Dundas BI 5, was to ensure we minimized the development and maintenance time on your end, and created a friendlier user experience. With Dundas BI 5, you’ll enjoy faster ways to access the key data you need in the way you need it, regardless of if you’re a data consumer, analyst, developer or administrator. Here’s a few of the upgrades we made:

  • Connect the FiltersFilters can be used in a wide variety of ways on dashboards. With Dundas BI 5, we’ve created a new dependency between filters, in order for one filter control to filter the values in another filter control.
  • Prevent Data ExportSometimes you simply don’t want a user to be able to export certain data and have access to it. If that’s the case, then you’re in luck, because with Dundas BI 5, you can prevent data from being exported!
  • Default Font SettingsDesigners rejoice; it’s now possible to define the font settings for the whole dashboard or template!
  • Detaching a TemplateThere will likely be a situation where you need to change the template on one dashboard without it having an effect on other dashboards. We’ve made this possible at the click of a single button.


Dundas BI 5 has enhanced many existing data visualizations and features, and this blog simply scratches the surface on what’s now possible! In addition to what’s been mentioned above, we’ve debuted capabilities that simplify security and system health management, further improve interactions, and boost overall performance.

To see these capabilities (and more!) in action, be sure to register for our webinar, and watch as Ekaterina swiftly demonstrates their undisputed usefulness.

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