over 100 new features With over 100 new features and enhancements in Version 2.5, now it's even easier to make your data accessible and actionable.

More data, easier analytics

  • More Data Connectors – connect with even more data sources from spreadsheets to Big Data, including Google Sheets, Google BigQuery, Microsoft Parallel Data Warehouse
  • Drop Zones – new drop zones make drag and drop analysis of your data even easier
  • Auto Visualize your Data Distribution – faster data discovery with automatic generation of box plots, without any data preparation needed
  • Trending and Forecasting – now available on numeric axis, in addition to date and time axis
  • Reporting Calendars – New support for the complex calendars commonly used in manufacturing and retail. Allows for increased reporting flexibility with 4-4-5, 4-5-4, 5-4-4 time dimensions

more data, easier analytics

Smart personalization, smarter visualizations

  • Smart Personalization – recalls your personal view, filter settings and preferences automatically, so you can quickly continue from where you left off the last time you used the system
  • Even Easier Advanced Development Experience – additional customization features including more data visualizations and components for setting up filters, interactions, reports and scorecards
  • New Templates – quickly create new dashboards using predefined layout templates
  • Customize the Initial Theme – reuse existing themes to automatically style new dashboards and reports visualizations
  • More Visualizations – more visualizations for scorecards, such as data-bar, horizontal scatter plot and sparkline
  • Expand and Collapse Non-related Hierarchies – get quicker insight into patterns found within your data

smart personalization, smarter visualization image

Integration and embeddable BI

  • New Performance Tracking Dashboard – lets you analyze and monitor the performance of the dashboards/reports/scorecards across different projects within the instance
  • Custom Branding for Multi-tenant Deployments – easily apply different branding settings for each tenant
  • Multi-tenant Synchronization – use a custom tenant provider to synchronize your application tenants with Dundas BI
  • Communication Integration – better integration between your application and Dundas BI via URL parameters
  • Public Login – option for anonymous auto login for SaaS and public providers for easier and faster access

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