Our team at Dundas has created this COVID-19 dashboard to help our fellow Canadian communities better explore the data, stay informed and safe, and take action.

Current Status of Canada --
Coronavirus Dashboard

In light of the coronavirus continuing its global spread, we decided to build a dashboard that offers a snapshot of the current situation in Canada.

The data in this dashboard is drawn from John Hopkins University, and is updated with current data every 24 hours.

Covid-19 Corona Virus dashboard Canada

Current Provincial Data

Interact with and explore current case and death trends at the provincial level

Current Hospital Resources

Interact with and explore resource capacities based on the number of critical cases, hospital beds and ventilators

Future Projections

Interact with, explore, and forecast the impact of social distancing on future case and death trends

You Can't Flatten the Curve' Without Log Scales

You Can't 'Flatten the Curve' Without Log Scales

In this video, we take a look at what log scales do to help 'flatten the curve' from a data visualization point of view, and learn how to create and use log scales in Dundas BI.

COVID-19 - Impact on Canadian Business and Employment Dashboard

COVID-19 - Impact on Canadian Business and Employment

This dashboard explores the impact COVID-19 has had on employment rates, participation rates, and wages across Canada. Dive into the data to understand how businesses and individuals have been affected.


As the world continues to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, more businesses are uniting to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and subsequently flatten the curve. In this time of great uncertainty, businesses have turned to data as the driving force behind their decision-making; an essential with the situation changing so frequently. And with data changing as rapidly as the state of affairs, these businesses are looking for ways by which to share their insights in real-time, with up-to-date, actionable dashboards.

The Time For Business Intelligence Is Now

The Time For Business Intelligence Is Now

Now is the time for businesses to leverage their data to make critical decisions confidently and quickly.

Businesses who adapt and remain competitive are the ones who’ve invested in Business Intelligence and Analytics.