What's New in Dundas BI


1. Overview

A list of new features and enhancements available with the release of Dundas BI 4.0.

2. Data Visualizations

  • Smart visualizations
  • Relationship Diagram
    • Drag nodes to re-arrange them
    • Auto zoom to fit the viewport
    • Support for data brushing
    • Change the link type to Curved
    • Connect data to the width of the links
  • Map
    • Improved matching with map names
    • Define the default viewport center and zoom
    • Show labels only on elements with data
    • Support for data brushing
    • Auto connect to metric set data
  • Diagram
    • Improved support for SVG files generated from Visio
  • Table
    • Wrap row header text
    • Wrap column header text when using a hierarchy
    • Change the formatting of custom group headers
    • Apply state styles to the entire row
    • Hide grand total with Single Indented Column
    • Top-align corner area text
    • Freeze columns
    • Slide animation for cell value change
    • Customize the cursor on individual columns
    • Disable column resize
    • Display subtotals in frozen total rows
    • Hide or show table columns from the context menu
  • Sankey Diagram
  • Chart
  • Formula visualizations
    • Correlation matrix formulas
  • Treemap
    • Add annotations (notes)
    • Add states styles
    • Support for data brushing
  • Gauge
    • Add annotations (notes)
    • Show measure values for ranges
  • Data label
    • Add annotations (notes)
  • Override the tooltip mouse delay for data visualizations
  • Display rounded numbers for color and size rules

3. Data Preparation and Analysis

4. Design and View

5. Administration

  • Installation
    • Create Azure SQL databases
    • Create Amazon RDS databases
  • Authentication
  • Command line
    • Install the license silently
    • Import and export application data
    • Set the configuration value for non-core modules
  • Bind the session to an IP address
  • Restrict Admin users to a range of IP Addresses
  • View inherited custom attributes
  • Export and Import
    • Export and import the System Everyone group
    • Configure the default PDF size
  • Sort accounts
  • Multi-Tenancy
    • Create tenant users from the tenant screen
    • Export and Import tenants
    • Separate custom logon page by tenant
    • View which tenant is associated with a file system entry
    • Publish to a tenant project
    • Users are prevented from saving tenant content in non-tenant projects
    • Specify a tenant when duplicating a project
  • Jobs
    • Start and stop jobs from the Admin area
    • View the schedule status of a job
    • Email notifications if a data cube build has failed
    • Rebuild database indexes
  • Manage user notifications
  • Configuration settings
    • Maximum file upload size
    • Default time zone
    • Add a password to protect the data warehouse connection string
    • Disable the automatic creation of My Project
    • Set Excel and PowerPoint meta data
  • Elastic sessions are automatically promoted to regular sessions
  • Logs
    • Log queries sent to a database
    • Log account password changes
    • Export logs
  • Track logon history

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