Companies of all sizes are harnessing the power of self-service BI, next-generation data management, and embedded analytics to achieve greater ease of use and faster and better access to information and insights. Even large corporations are adopting best-of-breed self-service solutions to supplement their core business intelligence initiatives, providing a friendlier front end that builds on their existing investments.

Self-service BI means giving non-IT business users the tools they need to gain full, governed control over their data. By being able to visually explore, prepare and transform their data into performance dashboards and customized reports, according to their exact specifications, they can get the answers they need at a glance and make smarter, more timely business decisions.

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  • The benefits of self-service BI
  • How to get the most value from self-service BI
  • Overcoming the challenges
  • Measuring performance
  • Selecting the right solution for optimal success


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