Designing Stunning Dashboards for Any Device

from Smartphones to Wall-mounted Displays

Ensuring data is accessible to all is key to running a smarter business. The days where dashboards and reports are only available on desktop are long gone and data users are now demanding access to key insights, right from their mobile device. At the same time, more and more organizations are starting to realize the potential of using wall-mounted dashboards as another way to motivate teams and help drive a greater focus on the business goals. With each device bringing its own challenges - designing optimal dashboards for all devices can be a daunting task. From varying screen dimensions, ranging from small to huge, and different device interactivity, ranging from touch to mouse to fully automated interactions, many considerations are in play.

Join our webinar and learn best practices for designing stunning dashboards across all devices, while reusing content and reducing development efforts.

WEBINAR: Designing Stunning Dashboards for Any Device

PRESENTER: Michael West, Senior Dundas BI Trainer

Topics covered:

  • Diversity of devices
    • Top mobile BI interactions
    • Top wall-mounted dashboard interactions

  • Designing for different screen dimensions
    • Scale vs. Scroll vs. Responsive Design
    • Handling device orientation changes

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