From consumer to producer – 3.0 has your visual data analytics experience covered

Dundas BI 3.0 is all about your visual data analytics experience. Our new release includes faster ways to explore your data, new smart visualizations to better explain it, more options to access and share it on any device and so much more. Join our director of product marketing for a walk through of some of the key new innovations in Dundas BI and learn more about how those can benefit your solutions.

Exciting innovations covered:

  • Faster Data Exploration: We've focused on features that help you focus on just the data you need and from there, easily enrich it and share it.
  • Smarter Data Visualizations: Visualize your data using new advanced visualizations that can help you find new insights you can't easily see in standard visualizations. And yes, the visuals will calculate the needed data for you so no data prep is required.
  • Accelerating User Adoption: Need to consume your data on any device or rather export it and use it offline? Getting started or seeking to learn about advanced options? 3.0 is designed to help your data analytics solution reach more people.


Ariel Pohoryles, Director of Product Marketing