How to Enable Self-Service Analytics Across the Enterprise – Without Creating Chaos

Self-Service Analytics promises business users the access to the data insights they need, when they need it most. Successful Self-Service Analytics means your organization will be well on its way to becoming more data-driven, will make better decisions, and ultimately gain a competitive edge.

Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to provide Self-Service Analytics across the entire organization along with their traditional reporting tools, despite enriching their technology portfolio with tools that are specifically designed to provide Self-Service BI and Analytics capabilities. This often results in organizations not capitalizing on Self-Service capabilities, and a chaos that is created by a lack of proper governance tools to ensure the right data is accessed.

PRESENTER: Rob Mete, BI Consultant, Dundas Data Visualization

In this webinar, we’ demonstrate concepts and capabilities that enable finding the right balance between governance and Self-Service Analytics so that it can be taken to the entire enterprise.