See how Governed Data Discovery Works in Dundas BI

Learn how you can provide data access freedom while not only maintaining control, but also taking advantage of the business user findings in Dundas BI. Join Vlad Katkov, Solution Architect at Dundas, for a webinar and live Q&A session on Governed Data Discovery and how it works in Dundas BI.

Topics covered:

  • The conflict between a business user's need for speedy data access and IT's need for data security and control
  • How a good governed data discovery tool balances freedom and control in a data delivery environment
  • Self-Served data discovery in Dundas BI - The different levels of business users and their self-service options
  • Governance in Dundas BI - The different options available to IT to not only control but also leverage business users' work


Vlad Katkov, Solution Architect at Dundas