Dundas BI 4 – Feature Series

Our Dundas BI 4 - Feature Series webinars are led by Dundas’ R&D team. They’ll share their expertise on specific areas of Dundas BI 4 that their team designed and built. Each individual webinar in this series will focus on a different area of the product, giving you valuable insight into how specific segments of the product have been enhanced in Dundas BI 4.

The third installment in our Feature Series Webinars, Visualizations, will focus on the new and enhanced visualization options in Dundas BI 4. R&D Director of Data Visualizations, Jamie Cherwonka, will walk you through automatic visualization recommendations, new smart visualization options and a variety of new customization options.


New and Enhanced Data Visualization Features

PRESENTER: Jamie Cherwonka, R&D Director, Data Visualizations

Learn About:

  • The visualizations recommendations engine
  • Sankey Diagrams
  • Enhancements to the relationship diagram and other visualizations

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