With Over 100 New Features - Dundas BI 4 Delivers Full 360 Degree Data Control

With Dundas BI 4, data consumers, business analysts and BI professionals get greater control of their data and the freedom to work without depending on others. As the successor to our award winning Version 3, we are confident you’ll love what Dundas BI 4 will bring to your entire organization. New to Dundas BI? You may want to start here

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Real-time User Feedback to Go Beyond Your Existing Data

As a data consumer, you know your business best. Enrich your data and record your business input in real time to ensure everybody is data-driven with the most accurate, up-to-date information.

  • Data Corrections – Make sure everyone is always working with the right data, by correcting wrong or missing data on-the-fly. No more "garbage in, garbage out."
  • Measures Contextualization – Remove unwarranted skepticism and objections by adding category specific context such as Benchmarks & Targets, so insights result in action.
  • Instant What-if Analysis – Simulate the impact of data changes on overall patterns or derived calculations.
  • Write-back – Avoid data silos by centralizing data collection processes via data input and custom web forms.

Insights Through Optimal Visuals

As a business analyst searching for answers, you constantly explore data. Spot insights with recommendations, smart visualizations and extreme customization providing the perfect combination to see them as you need them.

  • Automatic Visualization Recommendation – Discover more insights with visualizations that are dynamically set and recommended based on your data selections.
  • Correlation Matrix – Highlight dependencies between multiple variables within your data using 2 clicks and zero data preparation.
  • Parallel Coordinates Chart – Bring meaningful multivariate patterns and comparisons to light with auto-generated Parallel Coordinates Charts.
  • Sankey Diagram – Visualize distribution and loss of values such as energy/money/material in flow.
  • Custom SVG Diagram – Visualize the latest status of workflow processes, manufacturing floors and any other conceptual display via SVG files generated in Visio or other tools.

Faster Development at the Enterprise Level

As a BI professional, rapid development is key to your success. Capitalize on rapid prototypes and other business users’ work to successfully adjust to the ever-changing business needs.

  • Metrics Re-Wiring – Easily replace existing metric sets and their dependent visuals with newly built/modified data models.
  • Data Models Re-Wiring – Standardize rapid prototyping work with simple re-alignment to enterprise level data sources (i.e. switch from Excel to SQL).
  • Iterative Data Development Support – Support iteration in your external data sources without breaking existing data models and their dependencies.
  • Improved Operational Reports Design – Develop more complex operational, multi-page reports with greater ease.

Extended Integration – Inside and Outside

With more Connectivity, Delivery and Embeddability options, it’s even easier to integrate analytics within every business process.

  • New Big Data Connectors – Connect natively to HPE Vertica and Exasol analytical databases.
  • Superior Experience on Any Device – More control on responsive views and new double tap to zoom gesture for a better mobile experience.
  • Report Bursting – Schedule a single report or dashboard delivery to serve many recipients with the exact subset of data they should get.
  • Embedding JavaScript Library – Embed analytics even faster into any application with a new library minimizing potential code required for web integration.
  • Federated Claims-Based Authentication – Provide a Single-Sign-On experience with common federated authentication protocols (SAML-P/OpenID Connect/WS-Federation). For example, integrate and log-on with Azure AD/Gmail/Facebook/ADFS accounts.