From consumer to producer – Dundas BI 3.0 boosts your visual data analytics experience.

Dundas BI is always being enhanced with new features to help you get your insights faster. After the release of our award winning Version 2.6, Version 3.0 is now here. See it in action.

Faster Data Exploration - Get the insights you need much faster

  • Dedicated Path-to-Data Exploration – Focus on just the data you need and from there, easily enrich and share it
  • Instant Statistics on the Status Bar – Simply highlight data on a visual to see key descriptive values
  • Expand/Collapse All – Get a quick summary of an entire hierarchy branch to better decide which requires a further drill-down
  • Quick Forecasting – Just 2 clicks to add a forecasting trend to your charts
  • Custom Filter Tokens – Create repeatable custom data selection for faster filtration
  • Auto-Join and Re-Use Data Cubes – Blend data models on the fly and save on precious modeling time

Smarter Visualizations – Automatically visualize your data in different ways

  • Calculate Histogram – Auto generate a visual binning of your data
  • Pareto Chart – Highlight the most important among a large set of factors if you like to live by the 80/20 rule
  • Waterfall Chart - Visualize the composition of a value along different segments
  • Relationship Diagram – Explore hidden relationships within your data

Accelerating Users Adoption – Enable more people to be data driven

  • New Responsive Mode – Create an optimal viewing experience for all devices without losing any interactivity even on smartphones
  • New Export – Export and share your content more easily with a new and faster export engine, supporting data formats, filters and notes export to Excel
  • Getting Started Walkthrough – Introduce novice users to Dundas BI visual data discovery using the built-in, intuitive walkthrough and samples
  • New Script Library – Calling all developers to get inspiration and go beyond the built-in behavior to build your own, using scripts adapted from over 50 live script samples
  • Default Landing Dashboard for Groups – Assign a quicker access point to data focused on the different user groups needs